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3 OUAIs to Vacay-Ready Hair

3 OUAIs to Vacay-Ready Hair

Going OUT? Before you secure your dream spring break hair, don’t forget to prep your mane for all the fun in the sun it’s about to endure. UV rays, salty ocean, gritty sand, chlorine, and more can dry your locks out. And when hair is dry, there’s a OUAI better chance that breakage and split ends could spiral out of control. Follow these steps to ensure your hair is healthy AF when it's time for beach waves, braids, or a blowout.


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If your vacay mane of choice is braids, you’ll probably be living in them all throughout your OUAI-cation and skipping wash days until it’s time to head back to reality. Before getting your braids done or braiding your hair yourself, it’s important your scalp isn’t overloaded with oil, product, dirt, and residue when you get back from spring break. Your pre-vacation routine will need Detox Shampoo, St. Barts Scalp & Body Scrub, Treatment Masque, and Super Dry Shampoo.

Step 1: First, shampoo with Detox Shampoo. Our clarifying shampoo made with apple cider vinegar deeply cleanses your scalp and hair to leave it squeaky-clean but never stripped. It removes all the oil, product buildup, dirt, and hard water deposits that could be OUAI-ing down your hair. Which helps make way for healthy, bouncy strands. Detox Shampoo is also infused with keratin to help strengthen strands.

Step 2: Next or during step 2, apply a dime-size amount of St. Barts Scalp & Body Scrub to your scalp and massage it in well for some foaming. This tropical-scented deeply cleansing scrub gently exfoliates with sugar and moisturizes with coconut oil, again sloughing away dead skin and resetting your scalp. St. Barts Scalp & Body Scrub is a one OUAI trip to paradise with exotic notes of dragonfruit, orange blossom, tuberose, ocean breeze accord, and more.

Step 3: Have an oily scalp but dry ends, or just need an extra boost of hydration? After Detox Shampoo and St. Barts Scalp & Body Scrub, it’s time to go from dry to fly with our Treatment Masque. We know fine hair needs a different amount of hydration than thick hair so we made two different masque formulas to give your hair the perfect amount of moisture. Both Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque and Thick Hair Treatment Masque are infused with keratin to strengthen and repair damaged, dry, or dull hair. The difference between them is Thick Hair Treatment Masque has ingredients that add shine and provide even deeper hydration while Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque provides hydration and shine without weighing hair down.

Before applying, wring your hair out. Doing this will help your hair cuticle absorb more of the Treatment Masque. Distribute it from mid-lengths to ends then comb through to ensure even application. Let it sit for 5 minutes at the minimum (you can leave it on even longer depending on how much repair and hydration your hair needs). Rinse with cold water to close your hair cuticle and boost shine.

To Refresh: Now your hair is strong, healthy, and ready to be braided. Pack Super Dry Shampoo or Super Dry Shampoo Travel to refresh your scalp while on vacay. Our sulfate-free Super Dry Shampoo is infused with rhodiola rosea extract, rice starch, and volcanic minerals to absorb the heaviest amount of oils — without leaving a white residue no matter your hair color. Another reason Super Dry Shampoo is a fan fave? It leaves locks smelling as fresh as a rose thanks to its Melrose Place Fragrance. Our velvety-rich rose fragrance has notes of peony, pink peppercorn, lychee, champagne, rose, white musk, and more.

Beach waves are the vacay ‘do and if you’re looking to style yours just so, you can’t ignore the prep work. For beachy spring break waves, you’ll want to reach for: FINE, MEDIUM, or THICK Hair Shampoo depending on your hair type, Leave In Conditioner, Wave Spray, and Texturizing Hair Spray Travel.

Step 1: Ever just wish you could get your hair to look or act a certain OUAI? We’re not magicians but our products kinda are. For example, if you have fine, flat, or thinning hair, before you start styling your beach waves, you’re going to want to shampoo and condition with our volumizing FINE Hair Shampoo and FINE Hair Conditioner. The same goes if you have medium hair, or hair that “just dries like that,” and if you have thick hair that takes hours to blow dry. The thing is, we formulated our shampoos and conditioners based on the thickness of your hair. That means each formula is made with specific ingredients that deliver the perfect amount of hydration, bounce, and smoothing to your hair.

Step 2: Post shower on damp hair, spritz our best selling Leave In Conditioner throughout. This do-it-all detangler has more than 6,000 5-star reviews for so. many. reasons. For one, it hydrates, fights frizz, and makes combing through knots and tangles a breeze. The other reason why it’s loved by so many? It protects hair against heat up to 450°F (232°C). That’s not all. Leave In Conditioner reduces breakage by 52% when used with heat. It seriously does it all. And before you blow dry your hair or let it air dry, it’s a wonder worker if your goal is beach waves that are frizz-free, soft, and shiny.

Step 3: It’s time to go in with the spring break hair holy grail —Wave Spray. Our salt-free texture spray enhances natural texture for that "just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly" look. This weightless texture spray uses rice protein and coconut water to create that ocean-dried hair look, without drying your hair out. For beach waves, you can use Wave Spray a couple of different ways. If you have naturally wavy hair, you can spritz on damp hair and let it air dry. But if you weren't born with natural waves and you're going the heat styled route, apply Wave Spray on damp hair from root to tip then either blow dry or let air dry. After your hair is dry, go in with a 1 1/4 inch iron to create S-waves.

To Refresh: While on your get-a-OUAI, keep your beach waves looking fresh and bouncy with Texturizing Hair Spray Travel. This ultra-lightweight hair spray holds your “undone” style using zeolite, panthenol, and fruit extracts. If your roots are oily or greasy, you can also refresh your beach waves with Super Dry Shampoo. It’s like a fresh blowout in a can.

You know the sun, sweat, and sand will mess with your vacation mane but you don’t care, your heart is set on a bouncy blowout. Do you, babe. We have just the products to help you achieve supermodel-worthy body and bounce and maintain it. For a yacht-ready blowout, you’ll need Treatment Masque, Leave In Conditioner, Heat Protection Spray, Volume Spray, and Finishing Crème.

Step 1: The key to a billowy blowout is equal parts volume and softness. To achieve that bouncy softness, you’re going to need to start with a healthy foundation (don’t get us wrong, the right blowout brush helps A LOT too). For smooth, silky strands stat, reach for Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque or Thick Hair Treatment Masque. Infused with keratin, each mask turns moisture all the OUAI up with ingredients like shea butter and panthenol in the fine to medium formula and ingredients like almond oil and illipe butter in the thick formula.

Step 2: If your hair or scalp tends to get oily quick, feel free to skip this step. But if you need some moisture, detangling, or frizz-fighting, leave it to our best selling Leave In Conditioner to deliver all of the above–and leave your hair smelling ah-mazing.

Step 3: On wet or damp hair, mist Heat Protection Spray 6-8 inches from your hair. Be sure to spray in sections from root to end. This lightweight heat protection spray protects your hair up to 450°F (232°C) so you can maintain shiny, healthy hair, and prevent damage from your blowout. Plus it's safe for color-treated hair and keratin-treated hair.

Step 4: Make sure hair is still damp for this step. Now it’s time to build the body you’ve always dreamed of in a blowout. Like a personal trainer for your hair, our Volume Spray builds body but keeps hair lightweight. It adds long-lasting volume to flat hair, so you can pump it up without putting in too much work. Shake the bottle well and spray about 6 inches from your head, misting from root to tip. Comb through then start blow drying your hair with one of these blowout brushes. After you’re satisfied with your shape, smooth flyaways and frizz with Finishing Crème, our lightweight post-styling cream that gives your blowout a polish finish.

To Refresh: Take Super Dry Shampoo on the go to blast oil and lift volume at the root.

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