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Merch - OUAI Condom Hair Ties Black (3 Pack)
OUAI Condom Hair Ties (3 pack)

OUAI Condom Hair Ties (3 pack)

$ 6.00

{"variants":[ { "id": 41672301903, "title": "Black", "price": "$ 6.00", "image": "products/merch-ouai-condom-hair-ties-black-3-pack-1.jpg", "available": true }, { "id": 46804302415, "title": "White", "price": "$ 6.00", "image": "products/Ouai_Haircare_Condom_Hair_Ties_White.jpg", "available": true }, {} ]}

Product details

In case of an emergency, or you know whenever, our OUAI condom hair ties are the perfect, seamless addition to all your ponytails and messy buns. Bonus: Unlike real condoms, they never break when they're in use. 

Available in two colors.


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OUAI Condom Hair Ties (3 pack) has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.