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The OUAI Team's Go-To Detox Rituals

The OUAI Team's Go-To Detox Rituals

ICYMI—this week we launched Detox Shampoo, an ultra-cleansing formula that helps remove all the buildup from products and hard water deposits you didn’t even know you were carrying around—leaving you with lightweight and refreshed hair. The good news is: You can eat bread on this detox. You know, the one you probably made from scratch because you finally had the time. Our version of a Detox is less about what you give up and more about what you add. We like to think the same rule applies to all areas of life—mind, body, and mane. To show you how, we asked our team to share their go-to tips, products, and books for doing a hair and scalp detox, wellness detox, and digital detox at home. Keep reading to see how we detox our OUAI.

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Mitalee, Director of Digital Product 

Hair & Scalp Detox: I don’t always wash my hair (shout out Super Dry Shampoo), but when I do, I like to give it a little extra scalp TLC. I’d never thought to exfoliate my scalp until my pal Diana, our Director of Education, said, “Well, you wash your face, right? Your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face. It deserves a little TLC from time to time.” So now, about two or three times a month, I wash my hair with MEDIUM Shampoo and follow up with a healthy dose of Scalp & Body Scrub to really treat roots and to exfoliate and reset my hair.

Wellness Detox: Okay, I want to say how much I miss working out in a studio and with pals IRL, specifically at Bunda and Modo Yoga LA. Thankfully their IG Lives (available for 24 hours after they post) have been keeping me sane right now: @trainbunda and @modoyogala. Then there’s the joys of @ryan.heffington @movespurejoy@health_house, and @basecampfitness. I was used to having a regular morning workout routine which has been hard to maintain, but mixing it up with these accounts have given me a new sense of normalcy. 

And then there’s the Google Doc with my girlfriends where we track book/music/podcast recs which has an endless array of entertainment

Digital Detox: I love sitting on my balcony with a physical book or journal. Putting myself where I can safely get some sun, fresh air and space, and to read a book that takes me out of my head or to write in my journal, are all sensory-driven activities. I’m currently reading Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion by Jia Tolentino. Up next: Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff and Normal People by Sally Rooney. The sounds of the birds, warmth from the sun, sound of my pen against paper, turn of a page. I notice I feel better when I put my phone away and take a moment to be present with myself. Oh, and also, wine. Ya' know, for the taste. 


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Erin, Vice President of Digital

Hair & Scalp Detox: I love to use scrubs on my scalp and saw a huge difference in my volume and hair health after starting! I use Scalp & Body Scrub in my hair once a week and I also use a Heeta Scalp Massager with my FINE Shampoo once a week. I rotate in Christophe Robin’s Volume Shampoo Paste every other scrub. I always feel cleaner and more refreshed on days I deep clean my scalp. It’s invigorating and feels amazing to be literally squeaky clean from head to toe.



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Leah, Social Media Coordinator

Hair & Scalp Detox: I try to minimize the amount I wash my hair every week, but having super fine hair means I need to use a lot of products to help make my washes last (read: Super Dry Shampoo). After a week of working out and styling products, I love my weekend detox using Scalp & Body Scrub and Detox Shampoo. I like the exfoliating aspect of the Scrub mixed with the squeaky clean you get from Detox Shampoo. Plus, it helps lengthen the time before my next wash.

Wellness Detox: I’ll start this with saying I’m not a huge diet/cleanse person. I like to just keep a balanced diet and workout often (and sweets are fine in moderation 😉). 

Digital Detox: This is a big one for me because I work in social media – and frankly, I’m embarrassed with my weekly screen time report. Since I can’t completely disconnect, I do try to limit the hours I spend. Once I’m off work, I spend hardly any time on my personal accounts. I try to “log off” after work and listen to some music or read, and don’t “log on” until the following work day – meaning I don’t check my phone when I first wake up! It helps me maintain some sanity.


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Nina, Blog Content Manager

Hair & Scalp Detox: I’m not an avid styling product user and I haven't used any form of heat on my hair for seven months straight (if you can air dry, I strongly recommend it). But I only wash my hair twice, sometimes once, weekly so when wash day does come around, my crown knows it's in for a visit from Detox Shampoo. After I rinse off Detox Shampoo, you can actually hear my hair squeak when I run my fingers through it. 

Wellness Detox: When I’m feeling overstimulated from work or the day’s events in general, I steep a hot cup of Kava Stress Relief Tea from the Yogi brand to unwind. Kava root has been shown to produce a calming effect—and I definitely feel the difference. To further decompress, I’ll follow a yoga routine from YouTube yogi, Yoga with Adriene. 

I also like to slip in an immune boost by making a smoothie twice a week that combines nasty-but-good-for-you stuff in it and fruits like echinacea drops, spirulina powder, spinach, blueberries, acai and more. 

Digital Detox: I’ve worked in social media for the past five years and I can say I’ve finally made progress with balancing my screen time: last week my average screen time dropped 33%. Progress! To avoid excessive scrolling, I check my phone once in the morning then put it in a different room until I check it around noon. Then it’s back where I left it. I’ll check it once or twice more in the evening then I make it a point to put it on airplane mode right when the clock strikes 9 or 10pm. I also sleep with my phone on airplane mode so there’s no chance of my beauty sleep being disrupted. Two books that really helped me prioritize my time were The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.



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Sara, eCommerce Manager 

Wellness Detox: I try to take a hot Epsom salt bath weekly to detox my body and essentially my mind. I start with hot water (as hot as I can stand it) and add a cup full of Epsom salts to the water. If I’m feeling fancy I add in some essential oils to the water as well. I do a good 20-30 minutes of multitasking, or multimasking, while I’m stewing. I like using Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Clay Mask or Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for the face, and Treatment Masque for my hair. I finish off the bath with a good scrub down using Scalp & Body Scrub. Follow @januaryjones for other great bath detox tips.

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