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Everything You Need to Know About Our New Detox Shampoo

Everything You Need to Know About Our New Detox Shampoo

If you’re anything like us these days, we’re hovering somewhere between shamelessly showing up to Zoom meetings with day-five hair and overdoing it on dry shampoo. That’s why we’re launching Detox Shampoo, available now on and on Unlike your everyday shampoo, this once-a-week powerhouse is like a magic eraser for your hair that washes a-OUAI all traces of dirt, oil, and product buildup—leaving strands squeaky clean, but never stripped. We’re answering all your questions about the newest addition to the OUAI fam. Keep scrolling to get to know Detox Shampoo.    

ouai detox shampoo

When should I use Detox Shampoo?

Detox Shampoo is like a reset button for your scalp and hair. Use it if you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair, if you’re heavy handed with styling products, if you live in an area that has high levels of environmental pollution, if you start to notice hair loss and thinning, or if you’ve started a new lifestyle or diet.

What does it do for my hair and scalp?

Detox Shampoo lifts away dirt, dandruff, hard water deposits, and residue, leaving hair super-clean and strong and the scalp clarified. A healthy scalp is key to preventing hair loss, warding off bacteria, reducing frizz, and restoring shine and hydration.

What are its key ingredients?

Apple cider vinegar helps with exfoliation/removal of dry flakes, residue, and buildup in hair; while chelating agents remove heavy metals (like copper) from your hair, which are known to cause hair color fading and damage. Together apple cider vinegar and chelating agents deeply cleanse the hair and scalp to make OUAI for healthy, bouncy hair.

How often should I use Detox Shampoo?

Use it in place of your normal shampoo once or twice a week. Doing so will balance the scalp and restore natural volume and shine to hair.

Does it smell like apple cider vinegar?

Nope! It smells like our signature Melrose Place scent, which contains notes of jasmine, white musk, bergamot, sandalwood, and pink peppercorn. Just like Rose Hair & Body Oil.

Is it safe for keratin- and color-treated hair?

Yes! Detox Shampoo is safe for all hair types including keratin-, chemically-, and color-treated hair and those who have a Brazilian blowout.

OUAI Detox Shampoo

Detox Shampoo and Scalp & Body Scrub: When should I use one, the other, or both? 

If you want to exfoliate your scalp, use Scalp and Body Scrub. The scrub’s sugar crystals will gently exfoliate and help calm dryness and itchiness, but it won’t cleanse like Detox Shampoo will. 

If you want a cleanse, use Detox Shampoo. The apple cider vinegar is going to work the hardest at removing heavy buildup on your hair and scalp so that they feels totally refreshed and renewed.

If you want to exfoliate AND cleanse, use both! Use them together, or use the Scalp & Body Scrub first and Detox Shampoo second. Your hair will feel clean, detoxed, refreshed, hydrated, and moisturized. You may have combo hair, just like you have combo skin, so feel free to experiment to find what works for you. 

How do I apply it?

To get the most out of Detox Shampoo, brush and detangle your hair before applying. Thoroughly wet your hair from roots to ends with lukewarm water then squeeze out the excess moisture. Lather a quarter-size amount of Detox Shampoo in between your hands. Then part hair using your fingers and apply it as close to the scalp as possible, leaving it on for one to three minutes. Rinse with cold water to close the hair cuticle (this helps add shine to hair).

If I have super fine, dry, and/or damaged hair, is this safe to use?

Yup. It's safe for all hair types.

Is this bottle recyclable?

Yes! And it's made from 20% PCR (post consumer recycled).

Does it contain silicone?

No. Detox Shampoo was made without SLS & SLES, phthalates, parabens, and silicone plus we don't test on animals! 


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