You asked, we listened: this week, we re-launched our shampoos and conditioners line to bring you FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners, made with better formulas and greener packaging. So why the upgrade? It’s our belief that shampoos and conditioners should be your maintenance to get the healthiest, most manageable hair and your styling products should give you the desired look you want to achieve. Think of it like skincare and makeup. Shampoo and conditioner act like your cleanser, giving you a healthy canvas, while styling products act like your makeup.  

ouai fine hair shampoo medium hair shampoo thick hair shampoo

With new shampoos and conditioners, it was only right we also upgraded the Find Your OUAI Quiz according to hair types of fine, medium, and thick. Our new quiz asks you a series of questions that help you:

  1. Determine your hair type
  2. Address ALL your hair concerns (oily scalp, slow hair growth, split ends, etc.)
  3. Recommend the best daily care and styling products for your individual hair type 

No more guesswork. No more overpromising. Just a simple solution for your healthiest hair yet. Take the Find Your OUAI Hair Quiz to find out which of our new FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners is right for you.

FINE Shampoo & Conditioner

Tired of saying “I’m fine”? We got you. FINE Shampoo and Conditioner strengthen hair and infuse lackluster locks with body and volume that never OUAIs you down.

Key Ingredients

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)- strengthens and reinforces hair health by delivering essential nutrients
  • Hemp Seed Extract- provides hydration and prevents moisture loss
  • Chia Seed Oil- thickens hair, giving it a fuller look
  • Keratin- reduces frizz and flyaways

MEDIUM Shampoo & Conditioner

When your hair has middle child syndrome, reach for MEDIUM Shampoo and Conditioner.

Sure, you have problems but next to some of the extreme challenges Fine and Thick hair types face, yours may not feel as big. Key word here is feel. Turns out your hair concerns are valid, they’re just a bit more...complicated: too thick if short, too thin if long, greasy but frizzy. 

With juuuust the right of cleansing and nourishing power to leave hair feeling soft, healthy and shiny, MEDIUM Shampoo and Conditioner can handle any concern, even if it swings both OUAIs. 

Key Ingredients

  • Kumquat fruit extract- leaves hair with a shiny finish
  • Babassu Oil- gives weightless hydration to hair and scalp
  • Coconut Oil- strengthens hair by sealing split ends, helping reduce breakage
  • Keratin- reduces frizz and flyaways

THICK Shampoo & Conditioner

Get rich quick with THICK Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo cleanses without stripping and intensely hydrates while leaving hair with a frizz-free, smooth finish. Here’s everything you need to know if you’ve been dreading washing your hair all week.

Key Ingredients

  • Marshmallow Root Extract- helps detangle hair
  • Shea Butter- delivers deep hydration and acts as a sealant to keep the moisture locked in
  • Avocado Oil- coats hair to prevent breakage for stronger, healthier hair follicles
  • Keratin- reduces frizz and flyaways

ouai fine hair shampoo conditioner medium hair shampoo conditioner thick hair shampoo conditioner ouai clear hair comb

All our Shampoos & Conditioners are:

Free of:

  • Gluten
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • SLS & SLES
  • Animal Testing

Safe for:

  • Color-treated hair
  • Keratin Treated hair
  • Brazilian blowouts
  • Extensions & wigs

Take the new and improved Find Your OUAI Hair Quiz and scroll down to shop new FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos & Conditioners