OUAI Crush: Avery Brown

"Those curls, that girl!” were the first words out of our mouth when Wilhelmina model Avery Brown popped into our feed. Curly-haired and pearly-toothed, the Miami-born beauty boasts locks à la Lisa Bonet, making her major OUAI Crush material. But don’t let her killer curls and fierce physique fool you—when Avery's not posing pretty, you can find her getting lost in a new book or dabbling in DIY skincare (turmeric face mask, anyone?). Below, Avery breaks down her curl routine, her fave Miami hotspots, and a word of advice to aspiring models. Keep reading now to get cozy with our newest curl crush. 

How would you describe your hair in 3 words?
Wild, soft, untamed.

#1 hair tip for curly hair?
My best advice is to let your hair do its thing. When I think of all the times growing up that I would fight my curls with heavy products or try to make them sleeker or less voluminous, I cringe. I think for curls, the simpler the better. In my opinion letting your natural curls shine with just a little product for definition is the way to go.

What are three products you can't live without right now?
For my hair I’ve been obsessively using Ouai’s new Curl Jelly since I got my hands on it. It’s been my go-to leave-in for castings and going out or just anytime I want good definition with some shine. It’s nice to being able to shower, scrunch the product in my hair and run out the door without having to worry that my curls will dry frizzy.

For skincare, I have extremely sensitive skin so I don’t put too many products on my face, but one thing I really love is Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum. It takes away any dark marks that pop up and gives me a pretty rosy glow!
My skin can also get very dry from work and constantly having makeup taken on and off so a staple for me is my Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturizer. I love how easily it blends into my skin and it is one of the only moisturizers that doesn’t cause me to breakout.

OUAI Haircare Curl Jelly

Favorite OUAI Product?
As of right now, hands down the Curl Jelly is my must have, but recently I had to get a blowout for a shoot and I got to try the Finishing Crème. It made my hair ridiculously silky and shiny and it’s possible I may now have another favorite product.

You split your time between Miami and LA, which city do you like better, why?
I love Miami! It's always fun for me to fly out to LA for work and I love California’s vibe, but I am a born and raised Miami girl and I need the heat and humidity! I also am a little bit of a beach bum so I appreciate how Florida’s water is warm year round.

Miami also has such a beautiful mix of Latin, European, and American culture and it creates an amazing energy and style. I honestly get a little homesick when I’m away for too long.

What are your favorite spots in Miami and LA; hair salon, coffee, drinks, shopping etc.)
In LA I haven’t had the opportunity to explore as much as I’d like to, because I’m always there for limited time with work, but last year I got the opportunity to live in Venice on the beach for a few months and it was amazing. I spent a good deal of time between Salt and Straw, this yummy little ice cream place on Abbot Kinney, and Gjusta an amazing bakery down the street from where I lived. The few times I went out it was either to The Nice Guy where we’d end up with multiple orders of their bomb truffle fries or a local restaurant within walking distance from the house.

In Miami one of my favorite restaurants is Mandolin, located in the design district. It has amazing Greek and Turkish food and a sweet homey vibe. Another good place to meet up with friends is Lagniappe, it has more of a casual garden bar feel and is located in midtown. As I mentioned in my OUAI takeover, I am a bikini addict! One place I love in Miami is this amazing bikini store, Ishine365. All the girls there are super sweet and it’s basically bikini heaven. It’s an online store as well but if you’re in Miami it’s 100% worth a visit.

Avery Brown OUAI Crush
Advice you have to young girls who want a career in the modeling industry? 
I think for young girls just starting out, the best advice is to be persistent and to learn how to take rejection gracefully. People often don’t realize how many “no’s” that you will hear, from agencies/bookers/clients, until you get a positive response! The best strategy is to have patience and stay determined. It really only takes one “yes” from the right person to change your entire career.

Tell us a little bit about your beauty routine.
I’ve always been really into trying lots of different products, but lately, I am so busy with work that I’ve really had to simplify my routine and get it to where I can get ready to run out the door in 20 minutes. I usually take a quick shower, rinse my hair, then throw on a leave in product like the Curl Jelly. After, I’ll wash my face; I use mostly Kiehl’s products, then I finish with a toner and my Dermalogica Moisturizer.

I try not to wear makeup when I don’t have to, but if I’m headed to a casting I’ll use my favorite Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to cover up any blemishes, put on a good mascara and I’m ready to go!

Who is your beauty/hair icon?
Lisa Bonet from the 90’s. There is this one iconic picture of her that I literally use as inspo when I style my hair. The look is just so effortless and classic that I can’t help but want to emulate it over and over.

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Avery Brown OUAI Crush

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