FAQ: Our New Fine, Medium, and Thick Shampoos & Conditioners

FAQ: Our New Fine, Medium, and Thick Shampoos & Conditioners

More suds was just the start. From there, we worked with you to identify the major concerns of each hair type and formulated our new FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners based on the testing and feedback from our community. Now we're answering all your FAQs in a Q & OUAI here. Still have more? Ask A-OUAI on our Instagram

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Which formula should I use if I used to use the Smooth, Clean, Repair or Curly formula?

We tried to make the switch as simple as possible by creating formulas that will still address all your major concerns - we just got more specific about formulation. Our aim was to narrow down the key ingredients by looking at what your individual strands need the most. The best place to start is our hair type quiz to get to know what your strands demand.⠀

I have fine hair, but a lot of it - does that make me medium?

These new formulas are based around the health of your individual strands, so even if you have a lot of fine hair, you’d still be our FINE formula.⠀

Does this contain sulfates?

Nope. The formulas are safe for keratin and color treated hair, as well as Brazilian blowouts.

What scent is it?

The same scent from our OG Shampoos - Mercer Street. It’s a fresh scent with notes of orange, peony, magnolia and jasmine.

Are these new formulas replacing the old ones?

Yes. Finish up every last drop of the old and then make the switch to the new.

When will they be available abroad?

We retail through a few retailers that offer international shipping including Cult Beauty, Sephora and Net-a-Porter. Coming your OUAI April 10.

Is this safe for curly hair?

Yes! These new formulas are safe to use on all hair types - from straight to curly. Like always, refer to your individual strands to find your formula.

PS: We’re also in the process of creating a new curl line with the help of our curl community - stay tuned. 

Which shampoo and conditioner is best for oily hair? 

Each of our new formulas are designed to tackle the most common concerns for each hair type - we just divided them by hair type instead of problem/solution. We surveyed our community to narrow down the top concerns, and included key ingredients in each formula that will help while also giving you the healthiest, most manageable hair. To find your formula, we created a quiz to help you out!

Did you discontinue the Clean Shampoo and Conditioner?

It was time for an upgrade, but don’t worry - you’ll love the new formulas just as much as the old! The new formulas will still tackle all your major concerns, we just got more specific about formulation. Instead, the new formulas are based on the health of your individual strands, so you’re either fine, medium or thick.

Which do you recommend for hair treated with keratin?

All are safe for keratin treated hair. The best way to choose your formula is by going off the width of a single strand of hair since each formula is created to tackle the most common problems of each hair type. If you don’t know what you are we create a quiz quiz to help you out.

Which one is best for bleached/colored hair?

All our shampoos and conditioners are sulfate free, so they’re safe to use on colored hair. They also have repairative keratin, which will help prevent breakage and frizz. 

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