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A Moisture-Rich Body Routine to Beat the Winter Scaries

A Moisture-Rich Body Routine to Beat the Winter Scaries

Itchy, dry, scaly. Winter scaries can wreak havoc on your skin but not if you get skintimate with the right body routine. To celebrate the launch of our NEW Body Crème Melrose Place and Body Cleanser Melrose Place, we’re sharing three easy OUAIs all body and skin types can get soft, skincredible results.

Hands holding OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub

Step 1: Unclog with Scalp & Body Scrub
Using your hands or a body brush, take a quarter size amount of Scalp & Body Scrub and on damp skin give your body a good scrub down using circular motions. This deeply cleansing, foaming scrub is made with sugar crystals that help gently exfoliate your scalp and body while increasing microcirculation. It hydrates and nourishes skin at the same time using coconut oil. Bonus: it’s effective on all skin types, even sensitive ones.

Model pouring out OUAI Body Cleanser on arm
Step 2: Lather with Body Cleanser
Got you covered, no lather what. Body Cleanser is infused with hydrating jojoba seeds and rosehip oils to refresh your bod (and your shower routine). Its luxe lather with gently cleanse your skin, leaving it super soft to the touch. No stripping, dryness, or dirt left behind.
OUAI Body Creme bottles
Step 3: Deeply moisturize with Body Crème
We whipped this up for you. Post-shower while your skin is still damp, slather on Body Crème, a deeply hydrating blend of antioxidizing and moisturizing squalane, cupuaçu butter, and coconut oil. The whipped formula soaks in quickly and leaves skin moisturized and glowing sans the greasy after feel. If your skin is extra parched, combine equal parts Body Crème and Rose Hair & Body Oil then massage into skin for baby-soft skin.

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