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Need An After Thanksgiving Detox? We got you.

Need An After Thanksgiving Detox? We got you.


It’s the time of year where you could use a good Detox in more OUAIs than one—if you know what we mean! If you’re looking to add some self care to your after Thanksgiving Detox routine this season, we’ve got just the thing.

To reset after your Thanksgiving feast and gatherings filled with friends & family, you’re going to need to wash it all a-OUAI. Our best-selling clarifying shampoo uses Apple Cider Vinegar to get things back on track. It deeply cleanses dirt, oil, and product buildup and strengthens hair to get your strands stronger and healthier. 

Shop Detox Shampoo for $30:

Wanna get even more? Detox Shampoo is available in Jumbo size for a limited time. Save 20% when you shop it for $40 ($48 value):

And since the holiday season can be stressful, we’ve got the perfect OUAI for you to scrub the drama out of your life (and scalp). 

Our Scalp & Body Scrub is made with a blend of sugar and coconut oil cuts thru to cleanse your hair & body, while calming the crazy. Go ahead and scrub the stress a-OUAI!

Shop Scalp & Body Scrub for $38:

Looking to go the extra mile? Really get in there with our Scalp Scrubber. This makes the perfect companion to our Detox Shampoo and Scalp & Body Scrub to give your scalp top tier treatment. 

Our Scalp Scrubber can be used to exfoliate flakes and buildup before or during shampooing. You can also give yourself a scalp massage, wet or dry, to stimulate the follicles to support longer looking hair. 

Shop Scalp Scrubber for $14:

Whether you use these altogether or mix and match, you’ll create the ultimate self care experience that you can use to Detox after Thanksgiving and beyond. 

And if you’re looking for some retail therapy, we’ve got you covered on that front, too. Because we’ve got gift shops and plenty of OUAIs to Share Joy this season so you can sleigh gift-giving this season when shopping for yourself & everyone else on your list.

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