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3 OUAIs to Make Your Moisturizing Products Work For You Overnight

3 OUAIs to Make Your Moisturizing Products Work For You Overnight

Feel the ends of your hair and tops of your hands and legs for a sec – on a scale of one to alligator, how dry are they? The moisture suck that is winter will do that to them. But maybe part of your parched problem is you’re sleeping on all the OUAIs to make your moisturizing body creamshair products, and hand creams work for you overnight. Here we’re sharing tips for layering products so you can wake up with your healthiest hair and softest skin.  

Overnight Deep Hair Repair
One of our favorite dry hair hacks is using Treatment Masque as an overnight hair repair treatment. If our nourishing formulas can repair damage, restore shine, and smooth in just five minutes can you imagine the wonders they work when left on overnight?

Now for how to get maximum moisture out of hair treatment masques. First let’s get one thing clear – you wouldn’t apply a face mask over your makeup right? The same thinking applies to a hair mask. To ensure your hair shaft absorbs the hair mask, make sure you apply it on clean hair.

Preferably your hair is damp and warm because if you apply a hair mask on cold hair, it’ll sit on top rather than penetrate the hair shaft. Using a spray bottle, make your hair slightly damp then apply Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque or Thick Hair Treatment Masque from ends to mid shaft. Use the OUAI Thick Comb to distribute the mask through your hair.

If your hair is thirsty AF, mix a few drops of our protective Hair Oil in with hair treatment masque before applying. Hair Oil is infused with a blend of African galanga, ama, and Asian borage oils to smooth frizz, protect hair from heat damage, and prevent color fading.

After applying, let your hair “dry” for about five minutes then put it into a bun and a sleeping bonnet or shower cap. In the morning, rinse it off then shampoo your scalp only. If your hair is craving, even more, moisture, follow with Conditioner For Fine, Medium, or Thick Hair.

After your hair air dries or you blowdry it, expect to stare back at those healthy, shiny locks you live for.

What Your Curves Deserve
Fun fact: Body lotion has a greater percentage of water than body cremes, which isn’t ideal for when you want to turn hydration all the OUAI up. If your skin is on the dryer side, reach for a body creme, which has a less amount of water in it, stays on the skin longer, and deeply moisturizes.

If you want to wake up with baby butt-soft skin, there are two OUAIs to go about it. The first method involves slathering on Body Crème before bed. This luxurious whipped Body Crème is made with powerful antioxidizing and moisturizing squalane, cupuaçu butter, and coconut oil. It soaks in quick with skincredible results.

Then follow with a layer of Rose Hair & Body Oil, our hydrating body moisturizer made with a fusion of rosehip oil, shea oil, and absinthium oil for major glow. When you layer an oil on top of your body creme, the active ingredients in the creme penetrate the skin better and provide a more intense level of hydration.

The second method: mix a few drops of Rose Hair & Body Oil directly into your Body Crème before applying. Make sure your skin is slightly damp – this speeds up your skin’s absorption of the product.

Hand Model Soft
If you’re an avid hand moisturizer but still don’t have the hand model-worthy skin you’ve always dreamed of, you may be leaving exfoliation on read. And here's why you shouldn't. When your hands are full of dry, dead skin cells, it makes it harder for hand lotions and hand cremes to sink into your skin and do what they’re supposed to – hydrate.

Before it’s time to get some shuteye, in the shower or at your sink, rub a dime size amount of Scalp & Body Scrub on the tops, fingers, and palms of your hands. Our formula’s sugar crystals will gently slough away dead skin cells to expose the fresh skin cells underneath while coconut oil will nourish.

Then as you slip into bed, reach for Hand Crème. Our creamy balm blankets hands with a soft, powdery finish using a deeply moisturizing mix of coconut oil, murumuru seed butter, and shea butter. Apply a dollop on the top of your hands.

Then rub the tops of your hands together until the majority of the product is absorbed. After that, feel free to get your palms involved and massage between your finger, cuticles, and nail beds for hands that are silky to the touch. To seal in Hand Crème’s deeply moisturizing benefits, wear cotton gloves overnight to retain the moisture for several hours. And p.s., it’s best to exfoliate your hands twice a week. Anything more could irritate or dry skin out even more.

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