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How-To: Frizz-Free Bouncy Beach Waves When It's Cold AF Out

How-To: Frizz-Free Bouncy Beach Waves When It's Cold AF Out

When we said bye to hot girl summer, we said bye to the perfect beach waves weather. With sad girl autumn in full swing, your hair may be as dry as the Mojave Desert and full of frizz that just. won’t. listen. But when it comes to  snagging bouncy beach waves in the winter, where there’s a will, there’s a OUAI. Our detailed step-by-step ahead will show you how to snag beautiful and bouncy beach waves free of frizz even in the face of winter’s big chill.

Step 1: Starts in the shower

When you set out to style beach waves, no matter the season, it’s best to start with dirty strands because that day-two grit adds extra hold and edge to the style. But when winter frizz comes for you, we suggest starting with freshly washed hair. Now, the key is to hydrate and moisturize your hair when is wet.

The easiest OUAI to give it maximum moisture is while you’re in the shower. You can wash then condition with FINE, MEDIUM, or THICK Hair Conditioners. But if your hair is extra dry and/or experiencing breakage and flyaways, swap out conditioner for our Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque and Thick Hair Treatment Masque. These fan-favorite hair masks will repair, smooth, and hydrate in five minutes flat without OUAI-ing your hair down.

Got fine to medium hair? Our repairing mask instantly restores hydration, fights frizz, and strengthens fine to medium strands. Formulated with a nourishing blend of shea butter, panthenol, and hydrolyzed keratin, Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque leaves hair soft, shiny, and healthy without OUAI-ing it down.

For thick hair types, we whipped up a rich, buttery mask that restores moisture, fights frizz, repairs damage, and prevents breakage. Packed with a blend of illipe and shea butters, almond, olive, and macadamia oils plus hydrolyzed keratin, Thick Hair Treatment Masque leaves hair extra smooth, manageable, and shiny.

Step 2: Load up on Leave In Conditioner
Next up, a tad more moisture. When you get out of the shower, spray our most-loved product Leave In Conditioner evenly throughout your hair. It repairs dry ends, fights frizz, and leaves hair smooth and soft. Plus it protects hair against heat damage up to 450°F/232°C and reduces breakage by 52% when used with heat. P.S. the do-it-all detangler now comes in Byredo's cult-favorite Mojave Ghost fragrance for a limited time only.

Step 3: 450 degree Heat Protection Spray is key
After your hair air dries or you’ve blown it out, put some protection on. Our Heat Protection Spray is a lightweight formula packed with thermal polymers to protect hair against heat damage up 450°F/232°C and help you maintain shiny, healthy hair. Plus, it's safe for colored hair and keratin-treated hair. Spray Heat Protection Spray on wet or dry hair from root to end then comb through for even application. Then immediately reach for your hot tool of choice for beach waves.

Step 4: Curl a-OUAI
If your goal is loose curls or beach waves, go with a curling iron that has a barrel 1-2 inches in diameter. Our personal fave? A 1 1/4-inch curling iron.

Step 5: Get a high-gloss finish with Hair Oil

Flyaways and frizz are shameless. After you're satisfied with the shape of your beach waves, keep both in check with Hair Oil. This nourishing hair oil is packed with protective, frizz-fighting oils including African galanga oil, ama oil, and Asian borage oil to keep hair soft, shiny, and repaired between heat styling.
It also protects hair against heat damage up 450°F/232°C and reduces breakage by 90% when used with heat. Apply on your ends to smooth flyaways and mid-shaft for a healthy, shiny finish.

Step 6: Texturize and tousle
Tamed frizz, check. Next you’ll want to add a little oomph back into your beach waves. So reach for Matte Pomade, our medium-hold finishing paste. This mid-weight pomade instantly gives locks soft and piecey French girl texture. It’s powered by beeswax to build soft thickness and texture while kaolin clay delivers a pliable, long-lasting hold. Rub a dime-size amount between your hands then use your fingers to either tamp down flyaways on your crown or add texture between strands.

If you’re more into hair spray, Texturizing Spray For Hair is your beach waves’ bestie. This ultra-lightweight hair spray holds your “undone” beach waves while building body and adding grit to expand strands sideways. Spray Texturizing Hair Spray onto a boar bristle brush and gently brush through your waves (this step will take your beach waves from an 8 to a 10!) to create fluffiness and separation. Or simply spray in between your waves and at the root.

Not a real step but *so* necessary: Sleep on a silk pillowcase that night
ICYMI, sleeping on a silk pillowcase makes all the difference between waking up with frizzy, disheveled waves and waking up with hair that looks as fresh as a beach wave rolling in. Why? On silk, your strands seamlessly glide across the surface which helps reduces frizz, friction, and potential breakage.

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