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Damaged Hair? Here's How to Get the Most Out of Treatment Products

Damaged Hair? Here's How to Get the Most Out of Treatment Products

The leaves are turning brown and brittle hair has entered the chat. Whether you’re heavy handed with the heat styling, chemical processes, bleaching, dyeing, or hair extensions this fall—hair breakage, damage, and split ends can spiral out of control if left untreated. You may be using treatment masks, leave in conditioner, a scalp scrub, and more to repair your damaged hair, but are you using them correctly? Ahead we share 5 hacks damaged hair should follow to reap the most benefits from their hair treatment products and reveal healthy, shiny and soft hair.

Remove Excess Water
Whether you’re applying OUAI Fine to Medium Treatment Mask, OUAI Thick Treatment Mask, OUAI Leave In Conditioner or OUAI Hair Oil, a crucial step to follow beforehand is wringing your hair out. Think of your hair as a sponge—if it’s full of water, it won’t have any room left to absorb the product. In the shower, squeeze your hair to remove any excess water. If you’re fresh out of the shower, make sure your hair isn’t sopping wet before applying OUAI Leave In Conditioner (did you know it prevents heat damage up to 450°F/232°C?). Damp is right where you want your to be for maximum absorption.

Full Steam Ahead
Fun fact: OUAI Fine to Medium Treatment Mask and OUAI Thick Treatment Mask both contain keratin and shea butter to hydrate and repair damaged hair in just 5 minutes. But before your next mask and chill sesh, consider making things steamy. Steam and heat help open your hair cuticle and allow the product’s ingredients to penetrate more easily. Some OUAIs to add steam to the mix? Apply Treatment Mask before a workout and throw your hair up in a bun. If you’re in the shower, apply OUAI Treatment Mask then throw on a hair cap to lock in your shower’s steam and resume your shower. Save rinsing the mask off for the last step.

Want to leave OUAI Treatment Mask on for more than 5 minutes? Do you. Simply apply to warm hair then create a warm towel by dampening it with warm water or microwaving it. Wrap the towel around your hair and chill your OUAI to healthy, smooth, shiny hair.

Just Be Cool
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love melting a-OUAI in a scorching hot shower (yes, we know better). Your shower water temperature is your prerogative but when it comes time to rinsing off OUAI Treatment Mask, we won’t hesitate to get in the OUAI. Here’s why: Using hot or warm water to rinse off a hair mask can reverse all the hard work the mask just did by dissolving the conditioning and hydrating ingredients that it added to your hair. The cool water also closes your cuticle, which helps reduce frizz.

You Need to Comb Down
You wouldn’t throw in a load of tangled dirty clothes into your washer, right? Apply that same thinking to combing your hair before the shower. Yes it’s extra work, but also yes it’s totally worth it. If your hair is prone to tangles and knots, you can’t overlook this step for two reasons: one, getting tangled hair wet makes it harder to remove the knots and two, detangling your hair before the shower ensures an even application of your shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

But OUAI-t, there’s more to this damaged hair hack. On days your scalp needs a little TLC with OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub, use a comb or scalp scrubber to detangle, massage, and evenly section the hair near your scalp. Doing so will provide your hair and scalp with two major benefits: stimulate the scalp (which helps to promote hair growth) and ensure the product gets as close as possible to your scalp.

Brush This OUAI
Struggling with split ends or hair breakage? The OUAI you’re brushing your hair could be the culprit. After the shower, apply OUAI’s do-it-all detangler Leave In Conditioner from the ends to the mid-shaft. Then start brushing (or combing) in that same order--from the ends up. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair, meaning it’s prone to breakage and damage, so the last thing you want to be doing to it is brushing through stubborn knots that could create even more split ends.

For added shine and a high-gloss finish, after detangling, apply a quarter-size amount of OUAI Hair Oil to your ends to seal and hydrate split ends. This nourishing hair oil is packed with protective ingredients to smooth frizz, help reduce breakage plus it protects hair against 450°F/232°C.

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