ASK-A-OUAI: How Do I Protect My Hair At the Beach?

Even though day trips to the beach are arguably one of best things about summer, there’s no denying that an overdose of sun and sand probably isn’t the best thing for you hair. Or skin, for that matter. Prolonged exposure to the sun can quickly cause your hair to bleach, break, dry out, and in the long term, cause it to age faster. Also, salt water –which has a good reputation for creating ‘beach waves’– is a huge culprit because it completely sucks the moisture from your hair. So, how to enjoy the beach without worrying about ruining your color and the healthy, shiny hair you’ve worked all year to achieve? Try some (or all) of our at-the-beach hair protection secrets. And don’t worry, you can trust us. We are, after all, a California-born brand.

OUAI Haircare Limited Edition OUAISTED Dad Hat

When in Doubt, Moisturize

The deal is, sun and salt water both wreck your hair because they dry it out and dry hair, as you know, breaks easiers and looks dull af. If you’re planning a day in the sun, pack a bottle of our new Rose Hair & Body Oil. With a fusion of Absinthium, Shea and Rosehip Oils, it’ll nourish and protect your hair all day long and help lock in moisture. It also smells amazing, which never hurts.

Look for UV protection, not SPF

Here’s something you might not know; the SPF in your regular sunscreen will protect your hair. Sure, you can put it on your scalp where your hair is parted to prevent your flaking and redness but it won’t stop the sun from damaging your strands or ruining your fresh color. Instead, look for products that offer UV protection, like our Finishing Crème. A quick mist before you step into the sun can be the difference between dull, faded color and selfie-worthy radiance.

Style Smarter

To take things one step further, a great way to protect the healthiest hair on your head (the hair at your root) is to choose a ponytail or topknot over a sleek center part or just wearing your hair down. Why? With a topknot, you can easily tuck away the end of your hair which may already be weak a damaged and pulled back hair means you avoid discoloration in the most obvious areas. And just in case you end up at beach unplanned, stock up on these cuties.

Wear a (Cute) Hat

If you have an expensive color job you want to protect or you suffer from dry hair to begin with, a hat is your best bet for all around 100% protection. We might be bias but our OUAISTED Dad Hat looks good on everyone and will keep you cool all day.

Recover Like a Pro

Just because you can’t see the damage to your hair right away like you can with a big red sunburn, you still need to soothe and restore moisture after you’ve stepped inside for the night. Immediate treatment can do a lot to reverse unwanted damage and save your hair from further damage or discoloration. If you need to, rinse away salt water with our and a generous dose of Repair Conditioner at your ends. After cleansing, restore moisture with our Treatment Masque. If you don’t have time to wash, reach for that Hair Oil again. Your hair will thank you.

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