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How To Nail The ‘Sexy With Your Hair Pushed Back’ Look

How To Nail The ‘Sexy With Your Hair Pushed Back’ Look

“Your hair looks so sexy pushed back.” IYKYK. To anyone wondering what it takes to receive an iconic compliment like that one, keep reading. We’re going to break down the steps to achieving the tousled, sexy slicked-back hairstyle because when it comes to this unisex look’s hunk factor, the limit does not exist. 

But first, a little about the star of this slicked back hairstyle: our medium-hold finishing paste Matte Pomade. This mid-weight pomade instantly gives locks that piecey texture. It’s powered by beeswax to build soft thickness and texture while kaolin clay delivers a pliable, long-lasting hold. When it’s all said and done, Matte Pomade leaves a matte finish, as the name implies. It’s perfect for elevating short styles, taming unruly ends or flyaways for a sleek look, and even adding texture to longer hair.

So without further ado…


  1. On clean, towel-dried hair, spray OUAI Wave Spray evenly throughout hair to add texture and grit

  2. Set your hair dryer to medium heat and high speed then blow dry in the opposite direction of your part for about 40-60 seconds or until your hair is mostly dry (this is going to create volume)

  3. Scoop out a dime-size amount of OUAI Matte Pomade with your finger then emulsify the product by rubbing it between the palms of your hands 

  4. Rake through your hair, evenly distributing the pomade with a focus on the roots to create texture and thickness (avoid applying product to the tips of your hair because this will remove that body you just created with blow drying)

  5. Keep shaping your strands until you achieve that relaxed shape (avoid overworking the pomade to maintain that relaxed, loose movement between strands)

  6. Apply a dab of OUAI Finishing Crème to your palm then apply it using your finger to smooth down any flyaways only on the sides of your hair (don’t touch the top!)

  7. Set the look with a few sprays of OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray, an ultra-light hair spray that adds volume, texture, and hold

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