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The Best Hair Products for Fine Hair

The Best Hair Products for Fine Hair

You put in the work but can't get that body. You eat hair gummy vitamins for dinner. And volume is just a button on your phone. Sound like you? We got your fine hair's back. Keep reading for a guide on the best daily care, styling, and treatment products for fine hair.

ouai fine shampoo conditioner best hair products for fine hair

Daily Care  

  • FINE Shampoo and Conditioner: You clued us in to all your fine-haired problems and we heard you loud and clear. Want volume that lasts longer than your recent Bumble relationship and the courage to cleanse every other day? We got you. FINE Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleans and hydrates hair, without weighing you down so you can leave your fear of being fine behind and go on to live a ‘full life.’


  • Leave In Conditioner: Leave In Conditioner on fine hair? If you’re scratching your head, hair us out. We know detangling fine hair can get knotty and even result in breakage, and that’s exactly why our healthy hair detangler Leave In Conditioner can be used on fine hair to easily brush through wet strands and provide heat protection without weighing down hair.
  • Volume Spray: Can’t get the body you want? We brought big hair back with Volume Spray, a pre-blowout mist that, when activated with the heat of a blow dryer, gives fine hair full body and shine for the perfect blowout. Volume Spray works to create volume all the OUAIs, depending on how you use it. Spray on your roots for a quick lift, or from your mid-lengths to ends for volume all around. We included heat-activated volume polymers that give fine hair a fuller look and hibiscus extract that improves hair’s strength and elasticity.
  • Texturizing Hair Spray: Imagine if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby, and you’ve got Texturizing Hair Spray. Mist it on dry hair and scrunch strands out with your fingers for a loose, lived in look. Texturizing Hair Spray can be used to create texture and light hold for ANY hair type. Think bed head gone right. To use, butterfly spray throughout dry hair, starting at the bottom and spraying in upward motions.
  • Wave Spray: For better than beach hair, Wave Spray is your best bet. Wave Spray is a sea salt spray sans the salt—meaning those keratins and brazilians are good to go. The rice protein-infused formula adds hold and memory to fine hair while enhancing hair’s natural wave. On damp or dry hair, mist from root to tip. Gently scrunch in, or use the accordion method (demoed in our previous post) and set with a diffuser. Touch up with Texturizing Hair Spray for added texture.
  • Super Dry Shampoo: For fine, short hair, use Super Dry Shampoo to cleanse and boost volume from the root. With the volume boosting benefits of rice starch, Super Dry Shampoo will give your roots a sky high boost while absorbing dirt and oil along the way. Plus our new angled nozzle is designed to hit your scalp at the source of oil. Just section your hair, spray and rub the powder in for a smooth finish. 


  • Hair Oil: Reach for Hair Oil if you have fine hair or damaged hair that needs instant repair and protection. Hair Oil keeps your hair color safe from UV rays and sun rays while sealing split ends. On fine hair, start small and rub half a pump of Hair Oil in your hands then gently smooth through hair from mid-length to ends to create a flyaway-free look. Ama oil goes deep into the hair shaft to repair damaged hair follicles while providing an invisible shield protecting the hair from humidity.
  • Scalp & Body Scrub: Our Scalp and Body Scrub is filled with exfoliating sugar crystals that get rid of all the buildup you don’t want to admit you have. Plus—sugar is quick to dissolve in warm water and conditions the skin and scalp while increasing microcirculation to alleviate dry, flaky scalp AND skin.  
  • Fine to Medium Treatment Masque: Our restorative healing mask for fine to medium hair types is formulated to repair damaged hair and restore shine all in just minutes—without weighing hair down. Smooth a dime-sized amount through wet or dry hair, chill out for 5-10 minutes then rinse.  
  • Thinning Hair Supplements: Use Thinning Hair Supplements if you need to strengthen, fortify, and prevent breakage on existing hair. Inside each pill is a beauty-boosting dose of biotin, silica, ashwagandha, and amino acids that return strands to their glory just after 90 days.
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