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11 OUAIs to Smell Like Melrose Place, Our Velvety-Rich Rose Scent

11 OUAIs to Smell Like Melrose Place, Our Velvety-Rich Rose Scent

If you thought LA sunsets and valet parking didn't have a scent, think again. Our #1 best-selling scent Melrose Place whisks you a-OUAI to the City of Angels with fresh, floral notes of pink peppercorn, rose, and champagne. Beyond our Melrose Place Eau de Parfum and Melrose Place Candle, we put our velvety-rich rose scent in a few fan faves like Super Dry Shampoo and Detox Shampoo. And the latest product to accept this rose? Body Crème and Body Cleanser Melrose Place. In honor of their launch, we're rounding up all the OUAIs to smell like our beloved rose scent from head to toe.

If you've never gotten a whiff of Melrose Place IRL, allow us to enlighten your senses. Our director of education Diana likes to say that Melrose Place is a rose perfume with training wheels. Since the first notes you smell aren't rose, it's a great entry into a rose scent. At first whiff, you'll smell light and uplifting notes of champagne and berry. Then champagne and pink peppercorn set the stage to break up the velvety-rich rose notes to come. Keep scrolling to explore all the haircare, bodycare, and home products infused with Melrose Place.

Melrose Place Eau de Parfum
Melrose Place Eau de Parfum's velvety rich rose scent is inspired by LA, valet parking, and avocado toast. Top notes include Champagne, Pink Peppercorn, Berry, and Lychee. 
Middle Notes include Peony, Rose, Freesia, Jasmine, and Bergamot. Plus 
Base Notes include Amber, Sandalwood, White Musk, and Cedar-wood. To make your fragrance last longer. add a touch of vaseline to your pulse points then spritz Melrose Place. 

Melrose Place Candle

Your favorite OUAI perfume, in a candle. Melrose Place Candle has a floral, delicate rose scent that fills your space with notes of champagne and pink peppercorn and whisk you a-OUAI to LA. Our luxury scented candle features a non-toxic cotton and paper blend wick, an even burn time of 55 hours, and a natural coconut and soy wax base for some good, clean alone time.

During your first burn, make sure the entire top layer of wax is melted all the way to the edge of the vessel. If the first burn does not melt the complete top layer of wax it will form a “memory ring,” causing a funnel effect. When you're ready to re-light your candle, trim the wick so that one-fourth of an inch is exposed through the wax.

OUAI Body Cleanser Melrose Place

Feeling funky? Same here. OUAI Body Cleanser Melrose Place is our new hydrating cleanser now in Melrose Place gently washes your body with a blend of skin-softening oils like jojoba and rosehip. Its velvety-rich rose scent will lift your mood and luxurious lather will gently cleanse your bod while leaving your skin feeling reborn. Pair OUAI Body Cleanser Melrose Place with OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub to create an exfoliating body wash, and follow with OUAI Body Crème Melrose Place for all-over hydration.

OUAI Body Crème Melrose Place, 7.5 oz
Bare with us. The new OUAI Body Crème Melrose Place absorbs quickly but deeply nourishes and restores to leave your skin smooth AF. Massage onto skin when it is still damp after bath, shower, or really whenever. It’ll melt into a velvety finish without any greasy residue. Focus on drier areas like knees and elbows. Apply all over the body. Skip the face. Cupuaçu butter, a superfruit found in Brazil, gives OUAI Body Crème Melrose Place a whipped texture without sacrificing powerful hydration. Plus squalane, derived from olives, soothes skin while eliminating dryness and dullness without an oily after feel. Lastly, coconut oil softens and conditions the skin for a radiant finish.

OUAI Detox Shampoo

Our apple cider vinegar-powered Detox Shampoo is like a reset button for your scalp and hair. Unlike your everyday shampoo, this once-a-week powerhouse is like a magic eraser for your hair that washes a-OUAI all traces of dirt, oil, and product buildup—leaving strands squeaky clean, but never stripped. Apple cider vinegar helps with exfoliation/removal of dry flakes, residue, and buildup in hair; while chelating agents remove heavy metals (like copper) from your hair, which are known to cause hair color fading and damage. The best part? It leaves hair smelling like a fresh rose thanks to its Melrose Place scent.

OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub

When you’re *finally* ready to wash your hair again, reach for Scalp & Body Scrub to remove any product buildup. Made with sugar to gently exfoliate and coconut oil to nourish and moisturize—this specially formulated scrub has everything you didn’t know you needed including Melrose Place-scented strands. Section wet hair to reveal scalp and massage in circular motions to gently exfoliate.

OUAI Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque and OUAI Thick Hair Treatment Masque
Our do-it-all hair mask formulas help repair damage, hydrate hair, and add shine—completely customized for your hair type. We know Fine to Medium strands require a different amount of moisture than Thick strands, so we created two formulas with everything you need to hit all your frizzy, dry, damaged hair concerns. Love our OG Treatment Masque formula? We know. That's why we didn’t change it. Fine to Medium Treatment Masque took its place for hair that doesn’t want to be weighed down. Thick Treatment Masque is our newer formula designed for strands that need OUAI more moisture. Its butter rich ingredients will be a better match for Thick hair types. Both formulas are scented with Melrose Place.

OUAI Super Dry Shampoo

For hair that could pass as day one (or two, or three, or five), use our rose-scented Super Dry Shampoo, which can also be sprayed on roots after curling to add shine and volume. It’s formulated with rice starch, volcanic minerals, and rhodiola rosea extract to soak up your heaviest oil flow and leave hair feeling refreshed. Plus it's sulfate-free and never leaves a white cast no matter your hair color.

OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil

A lightweight and fast absorbing oil, Rose Hair & Body Oil will illuminate your hair and skin while locking in moisture. This rose-scented hair and body oil does everything and then some for medium, thick, and curly hair types: fights frizz, seals split ends, locks in moisture, reduces appearances of scars, and gives you a luxurious glow from head-to-toe…all without silicone. On days when you need some extra hydration. apply one pump from mid-lengths to ends before styling to seal in moisture. Then smooth any leftover oil on your shoulders for an extra glow.

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