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What 90 Days of OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements Did to Jen Atkin's Hair

What 90 Days of OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements Did to Jen Atkin's Hair

After years of hearing her clients complain about oily, dry, and thinning hair, our fierce founder slash SHE-E-O Jen Atkin snatched matters into her own hands and created MD formulated supplements (aka her first and foremost reason for creating a haircare company). Fast forward a couple months later and Jen's mane was debby-desperate for a mini facelift thanks to dead, color-damaged ends. So what was a girl-boss to do? Pop her way to pretty of course. And that's exactly what she did—scroll ahead to witness Jen's hair go from thin to thick real quick after doing the 90-day OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement challenge. Caution: the glow up is real.

OUAI Thin Hair Supplements Jen Atkin

4/21/17: I'm starting the 90-day Thin Hair Supplement challenge because my ends are dry AF from color. I wanna chop off the dead ends without sacrificing too much length. Short hair don’t care for life. Who’s with me?

4/30/17: My ends still look damaged but I'm only nine days into this so #WaitForIt.

5/4/17: Noticing additional strength in my nails, which normally break super easily. Progress! 

5/12/17: My dead ends don’t feel as dry as they did. Supplements FTW.

OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements 90 Day Jen Atkin

5/21/17: I’m not sure if it’s the supplements but my skin has been looking gooood (P.S. only been popping for 30 days so far).

6/1/17: My hair color looks shinier for sure, like salon-fresh status. Thanks Omega 3 & 6! 

6/12/17: Must be the MSM and Amino Amino Acid Blend kicking in. I have way fewer split ends now. 

6/21/17: Today marks 60 days and my hair is feeling SO soft. Nails are growing real quick too, which means I'm healthy on the inside and out, right? 

OUAI Thin Hair Supplements 90 Day Challenge Jen Atkin

7/10/17: It’s happening guys!! Ashwagandha is doing the most for a girl. Hair is noticeably thicker and skin is on one.

7/17/17: LOL today Mike (my hubby) asked me if I put in extensions to make my hair look fuller. Boy bye, it’s the biotin in these supplements.

7/21/17: Day 90 and length is LIT. My hair feels smoother and it’s an inch and a half longer!! The proof is in the pills fam! 

OUAI Thin Hair Supplements 90 Day Jen Atkin

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