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How to Tell if Curtain Bangs Are Right for You

How to Tell if Curtain Bangs Are Right for You

In good times and bad, it's hard to resist a sultry set of bangs but for most, the urge is really quickly resisted by the thought of the awkward grow-out phase. That's why the traditional bangs' older and wiser cousin, curtain bangs, have exploded onto the hair scene. Curtain bangs require OUAI less maintenance, grow out sans awkwardness, and enhance your facial features. What's not to love? We spoke with Christopher Hill (@chris.hill), hairstylist behind the effortless-cool cuts coming out of ROW DTLA's Nova Arts Salon and Philly's Headhouse Salon, to learn everything there is to know about curtain bangs including their maintenance level, how to style them, and more.

What are curtain bangs?
Curtain bangs are a typically longer bang that is effortless in style and low maintenance. Inspired by the ease of 70’s hair. Flattering on the face because it brings attention to the eyes!

Curtain bangs work on all face shapes. The point of curtains bangs are to enhance features and really open us up to the eyes and cheekbones.

The reason the curtain bang has been a growing phenomenon for years now is it works for every hair texture! You don’t need to style them, perfect for air drying and letting your hair do it’s own thing.

How are they different than standard bangs?

Curtain bangs are different from a conventional bang since they usually require less hair to be cut and not as short as your wider more blunt bang. Which is why everyone loves it, less of a commitment!

Are there different styles/lengths of curtain bangs?

I think there could be many variations of a curtain bang depending on how bold one wants to go. It could be around the cheekbone feeling like a short layer for those who are nervous. It could also go up to the eyebrow and have more definition.

Are there any celebs you look to for inspo when cutting curtain bangs on clients?

Sienna Miller, 90’s Claudia Schiffer, and Yara Shahidi always have a great curly bangs.

On a level of 1-10 (1 = lowest maintenance and 10 = highest maintenance), what would you rate curtain bangs and why?

Level 3 for curtain bangs. Your day-to-day styling maintenance for curtain bangs is going to be a breeze. However, because curtain bangs tend to be a little bit longer you will want to get them trimmed once a month.

Are there any downsides to consider before getting curtain bangs?

I think the only downside is if you know you don’t like hair in or around your face. They are easy to pin back but it will be something you have to get used to being on your face.

What’s the grow-out phase like for curtain bangs?

The grow-out phase for curtains bangs is much smoother than a conventional thick bang. As they grow out they will transition into face-framing layers.

Styling Wet Curtain Bangs
  1. Always start with a prep product such as a mousse and a heat protectant.
  2. When blow-drying bangs, always have your concentrator on your dryer to focus the airflow.
  3. All you will need to do it blow dry the bangs from side to side to knock out any swirls or hard parts in the hair. That will ensure that you have volume and an effortless flow to the front of your hair.
  4. No need to use a round brush. Curtain bangs tend to look best when they have some natural texture left in them.
  5. If you want to add some wave, a 1 1/4 inch iron is the perfect size to give it a little extra bend.
  6. I stay away from flat irons when styling bangs. It could leave you with a flat, lifeless bang.
  7. To finish, spray dry texture spray or dry shampoo on the roots and mid-shafts to give a little grit and grip to the hair!

Refreshing Day-Two Curtain Bangs
  1. For refreshing a bang, repeat the blow drying technique that you do when your hair is wet but on your dry hair.
  2. After you’ve shot it with the blow dryer to get rid of any cowlicks. I really love a dry texture spray instead of a dry shampoo when refreshing on day two or three. *Pro tip: Avoid powdery products when refreshing your bang, that can get heavy and build up over time. 

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