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5 OUAIs to Prep Your Skin and Strands for Fun in the Sun

5 OUAIs to Prep Your Skin and Strands for Fun in the Sun

In the mood for some fun in the sun? Bring it on, beach. It's all sun and games until you wake up after a beach day with fried hair and dry, tight skin. Before your hit the shore or play poolside, don't forget to prep your hair and skin for the sun, sweat, and SPF it's about to experience.

With Scalp & Body Scrub St. Barts, you'll feel like taking a vacay before the vacay. It's our same Allure award-winning sugar scrub, now in a tropical scent featuring notes of dragonfuit and orange blossom. Paired with Rose Hair & Body Oil, it's the star ingredient of any pre-get-a-OUAI hair and body routine. Here are 5 OUAIs to prep your skin for a deeper tan and smoother shave, and your hair for max moisture and protection when the heat is major.

Smooth Out Your Shave
Massage Scalp & Body Scrub St. Barts into your skin before shaving to help remove dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs, and get a super close shave. Did you know our sugar scrub foams? Yup, it creates a luxe lather—without sulfates.

Get The Blood Flowing
For extra exfoliation and to increase microcirculation, try using a body brush with our hydrating oil Rose Hair & Body Oil. This multitasking, silicone-free oil hydrates your hair and skin, leaving it soft, glowing, and moisturized. Try this oil scraping hack to slough away dead skin and reveal your softest skin.

Go Deep
Use Scalp & Body Scrub St. Barts before you apply self tanner to prep the skin for an even deeper, longer lasting tan. Our formula's fine sugar crystals gently exfoliate while coconut oil nourishes the skin. In the shower, before it's tan time, you can mix Scalp & Body Scrub St. Barts with your shampoo or body wash for that so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling from head to toe.

Use Poolside Protection

Our color-safe Hair Oil provides heat protection up 450°F/232°C and hydrates with a fusion of ama oil, borage oil, and galanga root extract. Apply it on dry or damp hair before hitting the pool to keep strands moisturized and prevent them from frizzing up.

When It's All Said & Sun
After a day loading up on SPF, sand, and sweat, scrub a-OUAI the grime with Scalp & Body Scrub. Then say yes OUAI rosé to Rose Hair & Body Oil. Our hydrating oil has rosehip oil, which is rich in antioxidants and helps protect and nourish skin, absinthium oil which locks in moisture, and shea oil to give you a glow. Post-sun or beach when your skin feels parched, slather some on to restore moisture and look (and smell) like you own a yacht.

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