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The 6 Best Brushes For an At-Home Blowout

The 6 Best Brushes For an At-Home Blowout

Fact: Blowouts are hard to do on yourself. That is—when you have the wrong brush. We asked the pros which brushes work best for creating a bouncy blowout at home—keep scrolling to see the best blowout brushes according to hair type, texture, and length.  

Denman D41 Large 9 Row Volumizing Brush, $22

Hair type: The Denman is good for wavy to 4c (tightly coiled) hair. 

Length: It’s great for just about any length.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? This brush has rows of nylon pins instead of bristles. The placement of the pins allows for easy detangling and good tension for smooth results.

Tip: Hair should be fully detangled and sectioned neatly, especially for tightly coiled hair, before starting the blowout. You get way less breakage and hair isn’t drying in a curly state before you can get to it.

Bio Ionic BlueWave Nanoionic Conditioning Brush, $33

Hair type: This brush is good for straight to loose curly hair.

Length: These brushes come in a variety of sizes for different lengths.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? This “round” brush actually has squared edges. That square shape allows for more tension which keeps the hair on the brush easier and pulls it firmer for smoother results.

Tip: Make sure the nozzle of the blowdryer is pointed at the brush, not before or after the brush. That way you are making sure sections are drying fully before moving on to the next section. 

—LA hairstylist and wig maker, Keeva Ekhator @keevahair


R+Co Round Brush 4, $90

Hair type: The R+Co Round Brush 4 is perfect for all different hair textures to get a smooth, frizz-free, shiny blow dry.

Length: I would suggest using this size round brush on mid-length to longer hair lengths.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? It’s a boar bristle round brush about 2.5 inches in diameter, making it perfect for reducing frizz.  

Tip: When blowdrying at home, over direct the front section of your hair forward to give you extra volume. 

—LA hairstylist, Hayley Heckmann @hayleyheckmann


Ibiza Hair B5 Round Brush, $51

Hair type: This brush has many natural boar bristles which makes it great for smoothing thick, coarse, or textured hair.

Length: Its larger size works best on almost any length-from a chin length bob to long hair.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? This brush’s natural boar bristles makes it so easy to get through your hair when taking sections. Its cork handle makes for such a comfortable grip.

Tip: Always make sure the blow dryer is not at all touching the brush when round brushing. This can cause damage to your hair, blow dryer, and brush. Keep it a small distance from your hair.  

—Owner of Alex Brown Studio, Alex Brown @alexbrownhair

Ibiza Hair EX4 Brush, $50

Hair type: The Ibiza EX4 Brush is great when your hair is medium to thick in density or coarse and curly in texture.

Length: It works on all lengths.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? It's a round brush made with boar bristle and has amazing tension to give a really smooth and shiny look.

GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 4, $40

Hair type: GHD's Ceramic Vented Radial Brush is great if your hair is fine.

Length: The ceramic plate really heats up and can give you more volume and hold in your styling.

Why it’s great for doing blowouts at home? Both the Ibiza EX4 and GHD brush professional grade and light weight on the wrist.

Tip: When using either brush, you definitely want a nozzle on your blow dryer—which is another item you cant ignore if you want to give yourself a professional blow out. A nozzle makes for an all around more polished look because it concentrates the heat. You want to bring the brush and blow dryer from the top of the roots all the way to the very ends. If you're not focusing on those ends, you can be left with an unfinished, frizzy look. 

—Hairstylist at 454 North Salon, Liz Sustaita @styledbylizsustaita

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