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Just Launched: Our Paw-some Pet Shampoo, Fur Bébé

Just Launched: Our Paw-some Pet Shampoo, Fur Bébé

Woof! Smell that? It’s time to give your fur baby a bath with our NEW paw-some pet shampoo, Fur Bébé. This gentle, vegan wash cleanses, hydrates, and leaves your pet’s coat in purrrfect condition. Fur Bébé is made with Mercer Street fragrance, the same scent as our FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners, so your dog, cat, or rabbit can smell just as amazing as you do.

Fur Bébé has the same formula as our previous limited-edition pet wash, Pet Shampoo. But you missed it OUAI too much, so we brought it back to sit (or stay) for good, just under a new name—Fur Bébé. Ready to wash this OUAI? Read on to learn more about Fur Bébé’s key benefits, ingredients, and fragrance, plus our squeaky, plush Maxbone x OUAI Dog Toy.


Fur Bébé Benefits

  • Cleanses the coat without stripping it
  • Hydrates the fur and skin
  • Leaves coat soft, shiny, and smelling amazing
Fur Bébé Key Ingredients
  • Aloe Vera- helps to add moisture while conditioning fur
  • Rambutan Seed Extract- a natural antioxidant that helps protect pet fur from pollution while hydrating the skin underneath  
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein- helps to improve fur strength and elasticity to fight breakage
  • Panthenol- softens fur and creates a shiny finish
How to Use
  • Brush your fur bébé
  • Wet their coat thoroughly
  • Apply Fur Bébé
  • Massage liberally from back of ears to tail (be careful to avoid eyes)
  • Rinse well and towel dry

Fragrance Say fur-well to your pet’s funky odors. Fur Bébé smells like our signature Mercer Street fragrance, an outspoken scent that a-OUAI-kens the senses with notes of:


  • Italian lemon
  • Turkish rose
  • Jasmine sambac
  • White musk
  • Iris
  • Lily

Does Fur Bébé contain parabens?

Nope! Fur Bébé is free of SLS, SLES, parabens, phthalates, and animal testing.

How big is the Fur Bébé bottle?
Fur Bébé contains 16 fl oz.

Is the Fur Bébé bottle recyclable?
Yes! The bottle is made from post-consumer recycled content. Both the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable.  

Is Fur Bébé’s formula vegan?

How is Fur Bébé different than your previous Pet Shampoo?

Fur Bébé has the same exact formula as our Pet Shampoo. The name and packaging just got a refresh.

Tell me more about the Maxbone x OUAI Dog Toy!

We partnered with Maxbone to give your BFF a Fur Bébé bottle of his/her own. This soft dog toy is made from 100% polyester and has a squeaker inside so your fur baby will be paw-sitively obsessed. Scroll down or click here to shop.

Scroll down to shop Fur Bébé pet shampoo and the Maxbone x OUAI Dog Toy

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