Everything You Need to Know About Our New Curl Crème

Everything You Need to Know About Our New Curl Crème

150 community members. One year of testing. Introducing our NEW Curl Crème, a do-it-all curl cream dreamed up by YOU. If you’ve been looking for a product that defines curls, reduces frizz, and adds shine then you can finally Have It Your OUAI with Curl Crème. Below we’re answering all your questions about this silicone-free styling product, available in our signature North Bondi Fragrance AND for the very first time, a fragrance-free version. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Curl Crème.
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What is Curl Crème?
A do-it-all curl cream for definition, hydration, and shine for all curl types--from curly to coily--that we co-created with 150 members of the OUAI community after a year of testing.
What will Curl Crème do for my curls?

  • Enhance, define, and shape curls

  • Hydrate and soften curls 

  • Tame frizz and flyaways 

What are Curl Crème’s key ingredients?
  • Chia and linseed oils-- Work together to form and shape curls, control frizz, and protect hair from humidity.

  • Coconut oil- Helps to seal damaged cuticles and hydrates.

  • Babassu oil- Conditions, softens, and enhances shine.  

What scent does Curl Crème have?
Curl Crème comes in our signature fragrance North Bondi with notes of bergamot and lemon, plus a fragrance-free version--our first unscented product ever!

Why did you make a product unscented?
We wanted to give our curly customers options. We know the curly crowd loves to cocktail their products, and the unscented Curl Crème will allow you to mix and match with your other favorite curl products.

ouai curl creme styling cream for curly hair frizzy hair all curl types

How would you describe its texture?
Curl Crème has a unique texture in that its consistency initially feels like a cream, but then melts into the hair like an oil.

Does Curl Crème contain silicones?


Is it safe for color-treated hair?
You know it. Curl Crème is safe for color-treated hair, keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, and chemically treated hair.

Is the packaging recyclable?
Yes, the Curl Crème tube is made from sugarcane plastic, making it 100% recyclable.

How do I use Curl Crème?
On wet hair, section hair and distribute Curl Crème evenly by finger combing through each section. It can also be used for wash-and-go styles. On dry hair, apply sparingly and directly to curls to help define and smooth frizz. 

Can I use Curl Crème before blow-drying/diffusing my hair?
Yes absolutely. If you’re looking for heat protection, try using Curl Crème with our Leave In Conditioner.

ouai curl creme styling cream for all curl types before and after
I use the Curly Girl Method--can I use Curl Crème?
Maybe. We do have some alcohol ingredients in Curl Crème, so it’s all up to your personal preference. It’s SLS free, phthalate-free, but we do use plant-based alcohol.

Does it contain parabens?
No. Curl Crème is formulated without parabens, SLS, SLES, phthalates, and gluten. It’s also not tested on animals.

Is it vegan?
Yes, Curl Crème is vegan.

Can I use it on wet and dry hair?
Use it on wet curls to set your hair. Use it on dry, second-day hair to refresh and nourish curls.

ouai curl creme styling cream for curly hair frizzy hair wash before and after hair textureHow strong of a hold does it provide?           
Curl Crème goes to the gym and gets winded lifting a towel. Not known for her strength, Curl Crème is better known for her hydration properties.

Does it have a soft or crunchy hold?           
Curl Crème is legit a big softie, but light on the hold. Think of it like a twist ice cream cone without the hard candy shell.

Can I co-wash with Curl Crème?

Do I have to use it with a gel or can I use it alone?
Do you currently use a gel for hold now? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to follow up with your favorite gel. Curl Crème has a minimal hold factor as its main purpose is to:
●  Enhance, define, and shape curls
●  Hydrate and soften curls       
●  Tame frizz and flyaways

ouai curl creme styling cream for curly hair frizzy hair wash before and after curlsWhich products from your daily care line should I use with Curl Crème?
Detox Shampoo and Treatment Masque
How does this compare with Curl Jelly?
Curl Jelly was more a serum, while Curl Crème is a cream.

What hair type is Curl Crème for?
All wave and curl types.

How do I know what type of curl I have?
Check out this Allure curl type guide to pinpoint your curl type.

ouai curl creme curl styling cream for curly hair frizzy hairWhere is Curl Crème being sold and when does it launch?

  • 1/28


  • Online- 1/29

  • Stores- 1/31 


  • Online- 3/2

  • Stores- 3/19 


  • TBD
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