Pixies are the unsung hero of haircuts—less hair means less work to style your hair. For anyone that requires further proof that the pixie can be dressed up or down in just minutes, we're spotlighting this edgy, textured pixie. Created by Ohio-based hair and makeup artist Kelly Schroder, the three-step pixie can start your work day off and carry you all the way to happy our. Follow the breakdown here if your pixie could use some easy-peasy primping.

  1. Starting on dry hair, apply a dab of AG Hair Natural Dry Lift Texture and Volume Paste at the scalp to get lift at the root
  2. Do a little jzeush-ing with the OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray to help give the pixie that effortlessly-styled look
  3. To finish it all off, spray OUAI Hair & Body Shine Mist for shine

Shop the edgy pixie below 

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