Four Easy Ways To Maintain A Blowout

We’ll be the first to admit; blowouts can be super addicting. They make getting ready in the morning a non-issue and are a serious magnet for compliments. They’re especially amazing if you’re one of the lucky ones who can make the look last for an entire week. Not one of those people? You can be! Here’s how;

OUAI Haircare Four Easy Ways to Maintain a Blowout

Start Smart

Before getting your hair blown out, it’s important to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and texture and to remove all existing product buildup. If you don’t know what the right products for your hair might be, take the OUAI Hair Consult. You might find your hair needs two shampoos - like our Clean Shampoo at the root and Repair Shampoo at the ends.

Also, out of the shower it's really important to use a priming product on your hair before you start the blowout. If you have fine to medium textured hair, prep with a volumizing spray or a wave spray. If you have thick, really frizzy hair, try a finishing cream or a hair oil before you start the blowout to make sure your hair is properly hydrated and protected.

Sleep Strategically

Don’t underestimate what sleep can do to your hair. The last thing you want it to wake up with flattened waves and excessive frizz. Try carefully wrapping your hair in your two buns and secure them with a soft scrunchie. We also suggest sleeping on a silk pillowcase to avoid the friction that causes frizz and damage. Silk will also steal less moisture from your hair overnight so your shine will stay.

Avoid Early Product Mistakes

It might be tempting to spritz your day old blowout with a texturizing spray or hairspray, or to smooth flyaways with oils and serums, but don’t do it! If you really want your blowout to last, know that an excess of products - even if they’re your favorite - will weigh your hair down and make everything appear more greasy in a few days.

Know Your Dry Shampoos

When you want to maintain a blowout for as long as possible the most important product in your arsenal is Dry Shampoo, hands down. Every morning you can spray regular Dry Shampoo into your roots to absorb oils and add a little volume. When you get to third or fourth day, however, bring out the big guns. Our Dry Shampoo Foam, for example, works like a dry-cleaner for your hair and gives you a total restart.  It might feel wet at first but rub that sh*t in! Your blowout volume will be maintained and all the oil and grime will have disappeared.