Air Dry Foam 101: Everything Curly/Wavy Girls Need to Know

Air Dry Foam 101: Everything Curly/Wavy Girls Need to Know

OUAI Air Dry Foam is perfect for curly or wavy girls who want to air dry their hair but can’t because they have an uneven wave or curl pattern, or frizz. Skip the heat and keep reading to discover our tips on getting an easy wash-and-go without picking up the diffuser or hot tool—courtesy of Air Dry Foam and our Director of Sales and Education, Diana. 

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Without any product, my waves are wavy on the bottom and flat on top with a little bit of frizz. If your waves/curls are on the dry side, before using Air Dry Foam, apply OUAI Leave In Conditioner.

I tend to be aggressive when I put product in my hair, so I apply Leave In Conditioner on my comb before combing my hair. After you spray your comb or brush with Leave In Conditioner, go through from mid lengths to ends first, THEN work your way to the roots/crown area.

Pro tip: Air Dry Foam is a foam and not a mousse. A mousse tends to make your hair feel more structured and give it more hold. With a foam, your wash-and-wear is going to have a soft, natural finish. The best part about Air Dry Foam is that you don’t have to worry about "less is more"—you can never overuse this product. Think about Air Dry Foam as your favorite foamy face wash, it’s super light and has a nice spread to it. 

To apply, I shake the bottle then apply a few pumps into my hand. I then directly apply it to my hair in a scrunching, squeezing motion. You can twist into the hair if you have more of a curl. I apply Air Dry Foam when my hair is wet. Some of you may prefer applying it to towel-dried hair.

Pro tip: When your hair fully dries, don’t panic if it dries wider at first. That’s normal with wavy and curly hair, but once you finally touch it again, you can work your hair into place. Go in and give it a fluff and you're good to get on with your day. You can also apply OUAI Finishing Crème if you need an added layer of frizz protection.

A Note About Air Dry Foam's Key Ingredients

Kale Extract- It’s going to even out the curl or wave pattern. I make sure apply to more of Air Dry Foam in areas that are extra undefined and frizzy.

Carrot Extract- This will kill frizz and prevent frizz from popping up throughout the day.

Panthenol- Makes your hair feel nice and soft.

The Difference Between Air Dry Foam and Wave Spray

Air Dry Foam: Our wash-and-wear formula is only for curly for wavy hair types who want a heatless waves and defined curls. Expect a soft natural finish without the gel-like hold.

Wave Spray: This is a product for someone who has straight hair who wishes they had more texture and bend. Curly or wave hair types can use OUAI Wave Spray too when they want a hold factor and a thickening factor.

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