Tomorrow we're redefining "wet dog smell" and dropping OUAI Pet Shampoo, a gentle shampoo that fights odor and cleanses your furry friend for an irresistibly pet-able BFF that smells as good as you do. Pet Shampoo will leave your pup smelling like our OUAI No. 1 fragrance (aka heaven). And because we love our pets more than humans, 15% of proceeds will go to Vanderpump Dogs to help pups in need. Ahead of Pet Shampoo's launch, we rounded up a pack of Instagram pets who put the aw in 'paw.' Keep scrolling for a glimpse into the fancy lifestyles of the fluffy and the furry.

1. Eloise

The PupBoss from Brooklyn, NY is daughter to founder of Studio Elyse, a shop that sells effortlessly chic clothes for small to medium pups. This explains why her hat game is better than mine. 



2. Henry and Baloo

Henry the Colorado dog and his bestie Baloo, a one year old cat, travel the world together with their owners so often they could start a Revolve Around the World for pets.  


3. Loki the Sphynx

Rest in peace Loki the Sphynx. The resting meow face inventor's parents still run his IG in honor of his legacy. He'll always be known for making wrinkles chic.


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4. Geordi the Corgi

When Geordi isn't busy making better content than most humans on IG, he's looking back at it. Why? Professional butt model is his job title. 


5. Ellie the Toy Aussie

Ellie, not to be confused with the elephant Ellie, is a toy Australian shepherd serving looks in tulle and snacking on cheese from NY. Did I mention she has her own website?! 


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6. Hamlet the Piggy

Hamlet only loves her bed and her momma, she's not sorry. On a more serious note, Hamlet left her hometown of the city of angels to lead a princess lifestyle in Nashville, TN. During her free time, she wears funky colored wigs and rides a hot pink toy Porsche car.



7. Bubalah Poochie

Mr. Bubalah mini-maltipoo of Greenwich Village, NY always makes hair contact before eye contact, and was a nominee in the 10th annual Shorty Awards.


8. Ella Bean

Four-pound puppy mill survivor Ella Bean raises money for The HSUS Animal Rescue Team to shut down puppy mills and save them from other terrible situations. In other words, she's our hero. But also our travel inspiration—her passport includes stamps from Paris, Rome, you name it.


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9. Doug the Pug

Is it normal for a dog to have 3.5 million Instagram followers? It is for Doug, the pup king of pop culture.



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10. Cashew Berk

Mini golden doodle Cashew is only six months old and already landed her first major campaign for our Pet Shampoo. Her mom and celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan has the hookup, but Cashew didn't need any strings pulled for her. I mean, look at that dazzling coat.


11. Lotus the Sphynx

Lotus Flower might live in sunny Los Angeles, but he never passes up a comfy sweater moment.



12. Mochi

Maltipoos don't get chicer than rosé-loving Mochi, the professional dog model and jetsetter. Vegas and Caribbean are just a few of the destinations the Big Apple baby has traveled to. 


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13. Willamina

Professional nap taker Willie the Yorkie is all about topknots and scarves in her San Diego sun-kissed strands.


14. Tinkerbelle

She's a fluffy-fierce Papitese (Papillon Maltese mix) who was once kissed by Taylor Swift and hugged by Camila Cabello. Need we say more?


15. Leona

A Shih Tzu who goes by Leona the Lion on the 'gram, Leonor lives in ponytails and reviews toys, treats, and fashion on her YouTube channel.

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