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The OUAI to good hair starts from within. Pop our MD-formulated supplements, follow our “prescription” and boom — #HAIRGOALS

The answer to your hair prayers are finally here! If I’ve ever worked on your hair, chances are I’ve given you a ‘prescription’ of vitamins to suit your hair type and needs. I always feel like I have to run to the pharmacy to grab a ton of different supplements based on my scalp and hair condition at the time, which ends up being tedious and expensive (besides who loves taking a million pills in the morning?!)

I’m so excited to finally announce the launch of my new line of supplements with OUAI. These pills will address common hair issues like oily scalp, dry hair, and thinning hair with unique blends of vitamins, mineral, and amino acids that I swear by! Take it once a day and you’ll notice the difference within 90 days. So start popping pills and enjoy great hair!

xx Jen

OUAI Hair Supplement Thinning Hair
Ingredients work together to support healthy hair growth. The result? Longer, stronger strands!

OUAI Hair Supplement - Oily Scalp

Restore the scalp’s natural balance — like an oil blotter that helps you skip a wash and wear your hair one more day.

OUAI Hair Supplement - Dry Hair
Feed hair follicles with hydrating nutrients. Like moisturizer for dry skin, this vitamin breathes life into dull, dry hair.