Air Drying 101: A Canadian Girl’s Guide To Frizz-Free Natural Waves

Air Drying 101: A Canadian Girl’s Guide To Frizz-Free Natural Waves

Canadian cutie slash content creator Morgan Wilson (who, ICYMI, showed us the OUAI to her messy, sexy waves) knows a thing about fighting off frizz in all climates. Ahead, she shares her go-to air dry routine for the perfect frizz-free waves plus air drying tips for different hair types.

Do you ever struggle with wanting perfect air-dried natural waves, but instead end up looking like you’re straight out of The Lion King?

As a girl born and raised in Canada, my hair has endured it all. From snow apocalypses to massive heat waves, these strands deal with more drama than the ladies of The Real Housewives. Luckily, my hair can take a bit of a “break” on the weekends, when I drive a little over an hour to my cabin in western Ontario. If you aren’t from Canada, it can be difficult to understand the allure of “cottage life.” In a nutshell, many Canadians vacation at a summer home just a few hours from the big city. Cabin culture serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the week, and allows family and friends to spend quality time together. 

My lakeside cabin, in particular, is one of the most unique properties on the lake. Made entirely of log, my home is host to countless parties and family gatherings throughout the summer months. Blue water, Aperol sprits, wakesurfing, wild storms, slow-burning sunsets, and the occasional skinny dip… the place is my haven. 

Air Drying 101 

How do you air-dry your hair? The answer seems simple. The reality is, unless you are Emily Ratajkowski, it takes some effort and the right products to achieve frizz-free and manageable waves. Luckily, I have some tried and true tricks that I use when air drying my hair, whether you’re hopping out the shower or emerging from the water like Halle Berry in James Bond. 

Quick Note on Hair Types

Before we begin our journey to amazing frizz-free hair, it is important to note how to adapt your routine according to your own hair type. I myself have long, relatively thick hair that is on the drier side as a result of years of colouring (I have a secret, this blonde gal is actually a natural brunette). I also have a natural wave to my hair already, and like to use this routine to both enhance and define my waves without the use of any hot tools. Depending on your hair type, you can adapt this routine by adding more or less product to achieve your desired result. Feeling on the drier side? Add a little extra hair oil. Wanting to add wave to your naturally straight hair? Create twists in your hair and add wave spray. That is part of the fun of experimenting and creating your own routine!  

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The Journey to Air Dried Perfection

Smoothing frizz begins with good prep. After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush (my favourite is this brush from Tangle Teezer). Brushing your hair when it is wet minimizes breakage and avoids unwanted frizz that may arise if you comb your strands when they are almost or all the way dry. Another tip is to not towel-dry your hair too vigorously, as friction from the towel can cause unwanted frizz. Instead, be gentle with your hair and gently squeeze your locks with the towel until it is no longer dripping. Using a microfiber towel is best because it is more gentle on the hair cuticle, but a cotton towel will suffice too. Your strands are precious cargo, and they deserve to be treated first class.  

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture 

Let's face it. Hair tends to be dry and frizzy when left untouched. That’s why I love to add OUAI Hair Oil as the first step in my air-drying routine. This oil not only smoothes frizz and creates a smooth finish, but it also seals split ends and protects hair colour from fading (I know, a total WonderWoman product). If you need an additional boost of moisture, adding the OUAI Leave In Conditioner is a great option. Infused with Tamarind Seed Extract and Amino Acid Blend, this easy-to-use spray conditioner provides moisturizing properties and works to fight frizz (while also smelling AH-MAZING). Just give your hair a few sprays, concentrating on the ends, and run a detangling brush over wet strands to ensure the product is distributed evenly over your hair. 

OUAI Hair Oil

Wave Me Baby One More Time 

Now that your hair is prepped, we need to give it a push in the right direction to destination wave town. Your hair will naturally dry in the shape it is left in, so putting some twists in your hair can help add more texture. I suggest wrapping your hair around your finger and forming spirals where desired. Next, lightly spray each twist with OUAI Wave Spray. This wave enhancing spray is a game changer. It is infused with rice protein to add hold and memory in the hair, and has a smell that will leave you wanting more. One additional trick I like to do is tuck my hair behind my ears while it dries, as it creates a nice face-framing strand when dry (hello, Kate Moss vibes). 

OUAI OUAIsted Dad Hat

For my girls with naturally wavy or curly hair, OUAI Air Dry Foam will be your new best friend. This innovative foam enhances and encourages natural wave patterns in your hair, leaving curls defined and soft to the touch. Distribute a few pumps of product onto the palms of your hands and run the product through your curls. Once you have distributed the product, kick back, put on your favourite Netflix show, and let the magic happen. 

OUAI Leave In Conditioner OUAI Hair Oil OUAI Clear Envelope Clutch

OUAI-ves For Days

After a few minutes (or hours for us coarse-haired kids) your hair should be pretty much dry. This is the time you can make any adjustments to your hair. I like to add half a pump of OUAI Hair Oil from mid-shaft through ends in order to tame any flyaways or unruly sections. Again, because we all have unique hair types, it may take some experimenting before you find your perfect air-drying routine. If your locks feel greasy, use a bit less product when prepping your hair. If your hair feels super dry, try adding a bit more Leave In Conditioner while brushing. Air-drying is not “one size fits all,” have fun with experimenting and make sure to give different products a try! 

Photos: @ncolwilson

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