Mark your calendar because come June 21st your tresses embark on a summer-forever fiesta that excludes fussy hairstyles. With the right wash and wear products (ahem, Air Dry Foam), you can make the impossible—storing away heat tools for three months—OUAI possible. Ahead, discover a roundup of easy, heatless hairstyles for every hair type that laugh in the face of your flat iron.

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1. Coarse & Wavy

Your full, parched locks are begging you to skip the flat iron. Instead, stick with a combination of Wave Spray and Hair Oil fresh out the shower to snatch these divinely-defined curls.


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2. Short & Wavy

Girls with a wavy or curly shorn 'do: apply Air Dry Foam, our kale extract-infused wash & wear foam, onto towel-dried hair then have a field day doing OUAI less in the morning, and OUAI more when the wind hits those wispy bangs just right.


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3. Long & Kinda Wavy

One of our favorite wash & wear hacks includes spritzing with Leave In Conditioner post shower then tying half our hair up. A little volume and a lot of natural wave is what you can expect when air dried.


4. Straight & Fine

Busy moms with flat hair, take note: Rub Dry Texture Foam throughout dry hair, then a couple pumps of Rose Hair & Body Oil onto ends for Kourtney K-like wash & wear locks.


5. Curly & Coarse

Black curl magic starts with an overnight Treatment Masque, and in the morning post shower, Curl Jelly, our weightless gel-oil hybrid that infuses curls with definition and moisture.


6. Wavy & Medium-Thickness

These lived-in French girl-looking waves can be yours with the Wonder Woman of wash & wear: Air Dry Foam. The invisible-feeling formula enhances natural wave pattern while fighting frizz and adding softness.


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7. Curly & Thick

How to get a curly updo to cooperate? Simple: Curl Jelly and a OUAI Condom Hair Tie.


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8. Short & Frizzy

The wash & wear lifestyle inevitably comes with a few frizzies. When the frizz comes out to frighten, rub an Anti-Frizz Hair Sheet over your hair. Made of hemp paper, the purse-portable sheet's shea butter adds shine while coconut oil smooths down flyaways.


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9. Curly & Full

Dear anti-mousse: mousse is your wash & wear friend—especially Soft Mousse. The volume-boosting foam gives hair body and defines curls sans the crunch your mom's old mousse left behind.


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10. Mid-Length & Full

Wet look wanderlusting for your lob? Spray Wave Spray evenly onto towel-dried hair from roots to end to create beachy air-dried waves (no iron required) then coat them from mid-shaft to ends with 1-2 pumps of Hair Oil.


11. Thin & Short

Fine or thin hair types can wash & wear too, ya' know. Blast wet roots with Volume Spray for big volume then plump strands all over by rubbing Dry Shampoo Foam throughout hair. 


12. Big & Curly

Fact: Curly bangs bring all the boys to the yard. To get the best coiled results, shampoo with Curl Shampoo and Conditioner, and after showering wrap your hair in a micro-fiber towel. Scrunch Curl Jelly into strands, leaving bangs out. Follow up with Air Dry Foam on your still-damp fringe, and out the door you flow. 


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13. Curly & Fine

Fine, curly strands usually could use a pep in their step which means a spritz of Texturizing Hair Spray is in order. But not before you've applied Air Dry Foam to towel-dried hair and let it air dry.


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14. Curly & Wavy

Let there be light, and lots of glossy curls. Give the girls a heaping dose of glow by applying Curl Jelly then hugging them with an Anti-Frizz Sheet for halo-healthy shine.


15. Short & Wavy

Swoop strands to one side to add height then watch the waves roll in after hitting your bob with Wave Spray. Rub a dime-sized amount of Finishing Creme to ends for added pieceyness.


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