Your hair type is as unique as you are and deserves to be treated that way—from cleanse to conditioner. That's why we created three sets of Shampoos and Conditioners (THIN, MEDIUM, and THICK) to address the most popular concerns of each hair type. Just like your hair has a shampoo type, it also has a hairstyle type. Need a little help figuring out which hairstyle is best for your thin, medium or thick mane? Keep reading for a roundup of hairstyles according to hair type plus steps for creating the looks at home. 

Fine Hair  

Textured Tousled Waves

When it comes to tousled anything, your fine hair falls flat. We got you. Loose, textured waves like these are perfect for girls who want to fake a little volume and body all-over.

  1. On damp, detangled hair, spray our pre-blowout mist Volume Spray at roots 
  2. Apply Wave Spray from mid-lengths to ends  
  3. Rough dry or blow dry hair starting at the roots then working your way to ends (the heat will activate volume polymer in Volume Spray to give you instant lift)
  4. Use a 1-inch flat iron to create bends in alternating directions, leaving out the ends; or you can use a curler to achieve the same effect
  5. For added oomph at the crown, massage a ping pong-size of Dry Shampoo Foam into your roots and jeuje
  6. Finish by spraying Texturizing Hair Spray all over for hold and piecey texture (imagine if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby, and you’ve got Texturizing Hair Spray)
  7. Break up texture by raking through the waves gently using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb


Sleek Low Knot

Fact: Fine girls can go sleek without getting OUAI'd down. It's all in the prep. This smooth, low knot is a fresh take on the classic low bun. Dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

  1. On towel-dried hair, apply healthy hair detangler Leave In Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends and brush through (starting with ends first then working your way up)
  2. Create a straight center part
  3. If your hair is naturally straight, let it air dry
  4. If your hair needs taming, rough dry first, then on dry hair in 1-inch sections, apply Heat Protection Spray section by section
  5. Blow dry the hair straight using a boar bristle round brush
  6. Once hair is smooth and straight, tie hair into a low ponytail
  7. Smooth down any flyaways using your finger and a dab of Finishing Crème at the crown
  8. Now pin your low knot in place by taking sections of the ponytail, wrapping it around the base of the tail, and pinning in place with either French pins or bobby pins to create your desired knot
  9. For high-gloss shine, finish with a spritz of Hair & Body Shine Mist, avoiding the roots 

Romantic Topknot

In a dream world, you'd have more hair to tie up—but working with what your mama gave you, this ethereal topknot will do the trick when you add fullness and piecey texture via Wave Spray and Matte Pomade.

  1. If hair is clean and towel-dried, apply Wave Spray throughout then scrunch hair; if hair is dirty, hold your Super Dry Shampoo can 10-12 inches away from hair and spray at roots or wherever needs a lift and refresh
  2. Rub powder into scalp and it’ll quickly disappear 
  3. Create a straight center part
  4. Leaving two face-framing pieces out, tie the rest of the hair into a topknot and secure
  5. Emulsify a dime-size amount of Matte Pomade between the palms of your hands then gently run hands over the face-framing pieces and any flyaways sticking out from the topknot for that effortless, French girl texture 

Medium Hair

Beachy Flat Iron Waves

Meet mermaid waves–your fast pass to looking like you just got back from the beach minus the sand and crunch.

  1. On clean, towel-dried hair, apply Leave In Conditioner
  2. Still working on damp/towel-dried hair, follow with Air Dry Foam, a major time-saving wash-and-wear foam that creates perfectly air dried waves for curly/wavy textures
  3. If you have naturally wavy hair, air dry and go; if you need extra hold, spray Heat Protection Spray on dry hair then create flat iron waves (making sure to leave out the ends)
  4. Finish with a touch of beachy texture, courtesy of Texturizing Hair Spray  

Sleek Glass Hair

Sleek and chic with a clean center part takes dull hair to new heights. The key to making it shine? Leave In Conditioner and Hair Oil.

  1. Spray Leave In Conditioner on damp hair then brush or comb through (working your way from the ends up)
  2. Rough or blow dry hair
  3. Apply high-octane heat protector and style memorizer Heat Protection Spray on small sections each time before flat ironing (this will ensure the hairstyle lasts until your next wash)
  4. Straighten until all hair is sleek
  5. Tamp down any flyaways with an Anti-Frizz Hair Sheet
  6. Add radiant shine with 1-2 pumps of Hair Oil from roots to ends

Half-Up Topknot

Day-two or three hair never looked better. The first step to making a half-up hairstyle like this look better than the rest? A blast from Super Dry Shampoo.

  1. Spray our heavy oil fighter Super Dry Shampoo on dry hair 10-12 inches from your roots 
  2. Rub powder into scalp and it’ll quickly disappear 
  3. Section off the top half of your hair and secure into a topknot positioned at the back of your crown, leaving out the ends for a playful vibe
  4. For weightless texture on the bottom half of the hair, use a ping-pong size of Dry Texture Foam, rub together in hands then apply to hair from ends up
  5. Use a rubbing motion over ends to create a lived-in look
  6. Hydrate the ends with a dime-size amount of Rose Hair & Body Oil, a three-in-one smoothing oil, body oil, and perfume


    Thick Hair

    Upside Down Braid Topknot

    Next time you're in the mood to make a 'do detour, let this upside down braid to topknot be your inspiration. Trust us, it's harder than it actually looks. But you're in good hands if you follow this breakdown.

    1. If hair needs a little refresher, apply a ping-pong size amount of Dry Shampoo Foam all over, massaging until the white disappears (don’t worry, our water-free formula won’t ruin your blowout)
    2. Before you get to braiding, rub a dime-size amount or more of Matte Pomade between hands (this gives you grip while braiding and smooths flyaways along the way)
    3. Now flip your head over to work with the hair underneath at the nape of your neck
    4. Starting on the right side, section off a 1.5-inch section of hair and start braiding a tight three-strand braid all the way up until you reach your crown; secure with a snag less elastic and section it off with a bobby pin or hair clip (watch this tutorial if you still need help)
    5. Repeat this step on the hair underneath at the nape of your neck, except this time on the left side
    6. Now it’s time to tie hair into a messy topknot; secure any loose strands to the base of the topknot using a French hair pin or bobby pin
    7. Spray Texturizing Hair Spray on a toothbrush then gently swipe it over any flyaways 

    Shiny Glam Waves

    Give them all the glamour in a glossy, old Hollywood-inspired style. And word to the wise: don't skip step six because it's crucial to pulling the lustrous look together.

    1. Prep damp hair with Hair Oil to seal the cuticle and lay a shiny foundation
    2. Blow dry the hair smooth with a boar bristle round brush and hair dryer
    3. Apply Heat Protection Spray in sections
    4. Create a clean center part then flat iron just the roots
    5. Curl the ends only using a curler then wait 10 minutes for curls to cool
    6. Brush through curls with a boar bristle paddle brush 
    7. Apply more Heat Protection Spray on the final look
    8. Spray Hair & Body Shine Mist on mid-lengths to ends for radiant shine 
    Flirty High Ponytail

    Caution: Side effects of wearing a playful ponytail like this include whipping your head from side to side. Step five is the step you didn't know you needed (but totally do) to give the pony pep.

    1. Prep damp hair with Leave In Conditioner then air dry or blow dry depending on your texture
    2. Brush hair up and back into a ponytail using a boar bristle brush
    3. Spray Volumizing Hair Spray on the top of head to tamp down flyaways
    4. Curl or flat iron-wave through the length of the ponytail in alternating directions
    5. Back brush the ponytail to create volume and flirty texture  
    6. Spray Texturizing Hair Spray throughout the length of the ponytail for more body
    7. Run a dime-size amount of Finishing Crème, like lotion for your hair that adds light reflective shine and hydration

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