You could have the coolest of cool careers, but no job title is more major than "mom." With motherhood comes little sleep, lots of crying (from both your baby and you/bae), and no time to take care of your tresses. If you're a new mom (or you're buying for one) who needs help making a pell-mell mane look presentable on the daily, then Happy Mother's Day to you—we rounded up a list of diaper bag-friendly OUAI products you need to snag hot mama-material hair every day. 

OUAI Memory Mist

Memory Mist

Memory Mist's mane motto isn't "set it and forget it" for no reason. Infused with memory polymer technology, the lightweight heat protectant hairspray (it protects from heat up to 450 degrees) locks in any style, shape or texture you create until your next shampoo because let's face it—new mom duties don't leave any time for styling more than once a week. Spray Memory Mist evenly on damp or dry hair before using your heat tool and the miracle-working mist memorizes your hairstyle until your next wash, which, could be g*d knows when.


OUAI Thinning Hair Supplements

Thinning Hair Supplements

Postpartum hair loss can be a tough pill to swallow unlike our Thinning Hair Supplements. When your locks are looking and feeling lackluster, pop this beauty-boosting dose of Biotin, Silica, Ashwagandha and Amino acids to reduce breakage and combat hair loss. Longer, stronger, thicker strands are yours, mama. Click here to see what 90 days on the hair-plumping pills did for Jen Atkin's mane.


OUAI Air Dry Foam

Air Dry Foam

Newborns wipe you out. There might be time to shower while they nap but styling is out of the question. Enter: Air Dry Foam, the Wonder Woman of wash & wear that will swoop in to save your sleep-deprived life and locks. Whether you're headed to a meeting or the first date night with bae in ages, use the kale extract-infused formula on damp strands. Hair will dry to soft, defined waves that look like were touched by a curling iron. Good for moms with curly or wavy hair, Air Dry Foam enhances natural wave pattern and more zzz's.


OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil

Rose Hair & Body Oil

You found a man that can do both, now get yourself the equivalent for your mane—Rose Hair & Body Oil, our hydrating oil for hair and body that lends French Riviera glow, reduces redness and calms frizz. The lightweight liquid rosè smells like our signature blend of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee and White Musk so lather up and no one will ever suspect you just changed a poopy diaper.


OUAI Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Your next wash feels like weeks away and that greasy, flat hair is looking sadder each day. Skip the suds, and spray your roots (and all over, if you need) with our Dry Shampoo before mommy-and-me class. The light-and-airy-smelling spray refreshes hair and removes product build-up without leaving white residue. 


OUAI Treatment Masque

Treatment Masque

Treat your hair to some much needed TLC while you breastfeed with our Artichoke Leaf Extract-infused Treatment Masque. Apply to damp hair and leave  the restorative healing mask on for about ten minutes. Smooth, repaired locks will appear after just one use. Each box includes eight packettes so you can pack a few for your trip to the in-laws'.


OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

If there's no room between the binky, toys, and rash cream believe us when we say there's room in your back pocket for our purse-portable Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets. The frizz defying sheets are infused with Shea and Coconut to instantly eliminate frizz from static-prone hair and add such a gorgeous sheen to strands you'll fool people into thinking you got a gloss.


OUAI Finishing Creme

Finishing Crème

Imagine life with a product that's like lotion for your hair. Bam, here she is. Finishing Crème goes wherever you go. Why? It smooths dry ends, eliminates flyways, and adds a dewy piecey-ness that pairs well with your unexpected life situations. 

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