A haircut is a haircut is a haircut—all cuts look the same on everyone. We hate to burst your bubble, but that statement is OUAI wrong. You might've found your go-to haircut and planned on going to the grave with it, but did you actually find the one? As in the most flattering haircut for your face shape. We're about to find out. Ahead, celebrity hairstylist and founder of 454 North Salon in LA, Cervando Maldonado, who cuts the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; and co-founder of Ramirez Tran Salon Anh Co Tran, who tends to the tresses of Aimee Song and our SHE-E-O Jen Atkin, give us their tips for choosing the best haircut based on face shape, including styling tips to make the cut look like you have Anh and Cervando on speed dial.

Shape: Round

The cut: Cervando says long layers around the face, past the jaw line are most flattering as they accentuate facial features and lengthen the shape of the face. The same goes with a mid-length cut past the shoulders. An off-center parting helps throw off the roundness and gives the eye something to follow, Anh adds.

Pro styling tip: Whether you’re blowdrying or curling it, make sure you’re directing hair away from the face. Add a little dry texturizing spray to give it good grit and add a cool separation to the hair.

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The cut: Anh notes that length draws attention from the chin area, and sweeping bangs help create the illusion of a contoured forehead. Cervando suggests looking to Reese Witherspoon for inspiration, whose hair he cut right above her collar bone. A blunt cut with no layers like hers, Cervando adds, is flattering around the face because it’s one length. 

Pro styling tip: Starting on damp hair, apply Kerastase Volumactive Mousse then blowdry it with a medium Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush section by section. Lightly glide a flat iron through from mid shifts to the ends to create a sleek, shiny finish. Set the look in place with your favorite hairspray. 

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The cut: Cervando says to ask for a soft fringe and layers around the face. Choose a style with more body than volume, Anh notes, and add width with layers or try an A-line cut to sharpen the overall softness. 

Pro styling tip: Apply volumizer to the hair, distributing evenly from root to tip. With a small Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush, style bangs away from the face and continue to blowdry hair with a medium boar brush. For extra volume, add two medium-sized Velcro rollers to the top of the head and let set for 5-10 minutes. Remove rollers then brush out hair and blend together to create that 60’s feel with a modern touch. Use Sachajuan Root Lift for texture and a light, airy feel.  

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The cut: Both Anh and Cervando agree you should go with side swept bangs to soften angles. Leave the length past your chin to help narrow the face, Anh tells us.  

Pro styling tip: Add mousse and a volumizer to damp hair then blowdry hair with a medium boar bristle brush, also adding Velcro roller to the front of the head, and rolling the roller back, away from the face. Once hair is dry, pull the rollers out and finger hair into place. Finish with Serge Normant Dream Big Spray through roots to ends to create sexy volume and texture. 

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