You know all too well the feeling of a hair tie snapping right in half (RIP) and having to wake up at midnight to style your hair in time for work. Sound like you? Then keep reading for a guide on the best daily care, styling, and treatment products for thick babes like you. 

ouai thick shampoo conditioner best hair products for thick hair

Daily Care

  • THICK Shampoo and Conditioner: Been dreading wash day all week? Rich, moisturizing THICK Shampoo and Conditioner strengthens thick hair with keratin, smoothing marshmallow root to detangle, Shea butter, and avocado oil to fight frizz from the start. So cancel that blowout appointment, you won’t need it. This formula is safe for all hair types, including curly hair.


  • Rose Hair & Body Oil: If you want an oil that doubles for your skin and body and you have medium/coarse, dry hair that needs hydrating, Rose Hair & Body Oil is for you. For curlier/coarser textures, apply throughout the day for a burst of hydration and to restore and add definition to curls. Smooth remaining oil over your arms and décolletage for a dewy glow. It has the same smell as our Melrose Place Fragrance, meaning you can smell like roses, champagne, and pink peppercorn from head to toe.
  • Leave In Conditioner: If there’s one product thick hair types should use every time they shower, it’s Leave In Conditioner. With moisturizing properties like an amino acid blend and tamarind seed extract, detangling thick, curly or kinky hair will be a breeze. Spritz onto damp hair to detangle then air dry and go or blow dry for a smooth, frizz-free style. 
  • Heat Protection Spray: Hair too heavy to hold your style? Consider Heat Protection Spray your mane’s new BFF. Spray it on your hair before heat styling to protect and memorize your style until the next wash.
  • Super Dry Shampoo: Super Dry Shampoo cleans and detoxes hair at the roots AKA where it’s greasiest. Use it before styling, or when oil starts to cramp your style. Just spray section by section and watch the white powder disappear as you rub it in. Super Dry Shampoo smells like your favorites, including Scalp & Body Scrub and Rose Hair & Body Oil, with our Melrose Place scent. So it’s like a hair fragrance and dry shampoo in one.


  • Treatment Masque: Revive thirsty thick hair and curls with our hydrating hero Treatment Masque. Use a quarter-sized for thick hair, smoothing it evenly throughout, starting at ends and working your way up. Comb through, air dry or blow dry using a diffuser then refresh curls with Leave In Conditioner. If you have super coarse strands, use Treatment Masque daily after shampooing.
  • Scalp & Body Scrub: Cold winter air causes dry scalp, brittle strands and frizz. The solution? Exfoliate dead skin and add in moisture with Scalp & Body Scrub. Then, reach for THICK Shampoo and Conditioner to calm frizz, smooth strands, and hydrate from the inside out. 
  • Dry Hair Supplements: Use Dry Supplements if you want softer, shiner, and healthier hair because your hair basically drinks conditioner. One pill a day keeps dull hair away. Our Dry Hair Supplements pack a powerful punch of Omega-3 fatty acids, silica, vitamin E, and iron to feed hair follicles with intense hydrating nutrients. Expect results after 90 days.
  • Oily Hair Supplements: Use Oily Supplements if you need to hit the reset button on your scalp because you can’t go a day without washing your hair. One pill a day helps restore the scalp’s natural balance from the inside out so you can skip your next shampoo. Expect results after 90 days.
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