The moment your mane gets caught in a brush, or worse, causes the handle to break like in The Princess Diaries, it's time to reevaluate the kind of brush you're using. Similar to how a smoky eye requires different makeup brushes, a smooth blowout for curly girls could potentially call for three different brushes–one for detangling, one for blowing out, and one for brushing post blowout for a flawless finish. For a stronger finished look and healthier hair overall, follow our guide ahead on choosing the best brush for your hair type. Here we break it down by hair types thin/flat, oily, dry/damaged, coarse/thick, and wavy/curly.

T3 2.5 Inch Round Brush Volume OUAI Best Brushes for Every Hair Type

Thin or Flat

It's harder for thin or limp hair to grip a brush while blowing it out so invest in a brush that boosts volume without causing heat damage. The T3 Micro Volume 2.5" Round Brush ($35), for example, includes heat resistant bristles that gently smooth while adding body to thin hair. As for dealing with damp strands—remember that hair is most prone to breakage while wet, and that's especially true for thinning hair. Our favorite detangler for thin (and thick hair) is the Kristin Ess Large Detangling Brush ($18). One cause of hair loss is overproduction of oil and a clogged scalp so make sure you're massaging the scalp and using a boar bristle brush that distributes oils evenly, like the Sephora Gloss Dual Boar Bristle Brush ($20). 

Sheila Stotts Boar Bristle Brushes OUAI Best Brush for Every Hair Type


Myth: brushing oily hair will make it even more oily. The truth is that your brush should do the heavy grease lifting. Hence why oily hair types need an all boar bristle brush like Sheila Stotts Natural Boar Bristle Brushes ($88), which distributes oils evenly and is safe for even the most sensitive scalps. Equally as good for maintaining scalp health is The Yves Durif Brush ($70). The handmade Italian brush is anti-static and gently distributes scalp oils while also doubling as a detangler.

Christophe Robin Pre Curved Blowout Brush OUAI Best Brushes for Every Hair TypeDry or Damaged

Hair that's either dry from the change in seasons or damaged from heat styling and bleaching can benefit in shine and repair with the Spornette Deville 100% Boar Paddle ($20). Because boar bristles help increase scalp and distribution of natural sebum evenly through the hair, overall hair health increases and keeps shiny locks resilient and strong. Brittle hair can withstand heat damage better when you pair a gentle dryer with the proper brush. Our go-to is the Christophe Robin Pre-Curved Blowdry Hairbrush ($103). Also made with 100% boar bristles, this brush's bristle shape allow it to glide easily through hair without causing breakage. It's pricey but worth every penny when you see how bouncy your blowout looks.

Luxy Loop Hair Extensions Brush OUAI best brushes for every hair type

Coarse or Thick

Coarse, frizzy girls can get in on the glass hair fun too. All they need is the Ibiza Round H4 Brush ($40), ideal for increasing hair's natural shine while boosting volume at the crown. Another popular brush option for thick hair types is the cult-favorite Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush for Long Coarse to Normal Hair ($205), which features a nylon spike to facilitate brushing through thick, textured or wavy hair. If you're looking for a less expensive alternative, the Luxy Hair Loop Hair Extensions Brush ($16) seamlessly brushes through thick hair and is, as the name implies, safe to detangle hair extensions.

denman d3 gents styling brush OUAI best brushes for every hair type

Wavy or Curly

No curly hair routine can thrive without the Denman D3M Gents Styling Brush ($18), featuring seven rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins that separate, shape hair, and define curls when hair is wet. A detangling champ for curly and wavy hair types alike is the Wetbrush Original Detangler ($12) as it's tough on tangles and minimizes pain while protecting against breakage. When your goal is to blow dry your curly or wavy hair straight, reach for the Phillips Monster Vent TMV-4P Brush ($19). The 3-inch brush's tourmaline technology cuts drying time in half and allows you to dry large sections without getting caught or matted.  

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