Stocking up on knit sweaters and downing everything pumpkin spice in our sight might be in our near future, but LA's sun rays are still ablaze, so here at OUAI HQ, we treat our tresses like it's summer, because, well, 103 degree weather. To keep our manes frizz-free, full of volume, and silky soft amid sweltering heat, we keep a couple tricks up our sleeves. Below, a glimpse of the lazy girl summer hair hacks that get the squad out the door looking fierce in a flash, and give us more time to bask like Cleopatra.


Brittney, Director of Digital

My hair hack is without a doubt, this handy $18 hair dryer with a round brush attached to it. With a regular hair dryer/round brush combo, I have trouble getting the tension right to smooth frizz and style the ends, but with this bad boy I can get bouncy Breck girl hair in 15-20 minutes without ever touching a curling iron. I add Finishing Creme to damp hair from mid-lengths to ends and Soft Mousse in the roots and then just GO TO WORK. When I brought it into the office one day, half of the girls added it to their Amazon carts immediately after trying it.


Leandra, Marketing Coordinator

Before I go to bed I let my hair dry halfway, add OUAI Hair Oil to my ends and put it in a bun. When I wake up I add OUAI Wave Spray.

Hannah, Director of Marketing

My hair hack is using the Dry Shampoo Foam on clean hair to give it tons of volume.

Amanda, Social Media Manager

Mine is definitely using Wave Spray on damp hair then blasting the heater in my car to help dry it.



Sandra, Office Manager

Once a week I do a full coconut-oil mask (unprocessed, virgin coco oil!) from my scalp to my ends. I massage it through my roots for at least 10 minutes (ummm, relaxing!) to treat my dry and itchy scalp. I then use a comb to saturate it to my ends. I clip it in a loose bun, throw a shower cap on, and sleep on it. Unfortunately, I had to learn from my mistakes but I make sure to shampoo twice, or even three times, with OUAI Clean Shampoo or Volume Shampoo (my fav) to make completely remove all the oil. I up with a bit of Smooth Conditioner (usually don’t leave it in for more than 30 seconds), Hair Oil on my split ends, and then my hair is shiny, hydrated and doesn’t hate me for all the color processing I’ve put it through!


Gigi, Marketing Coordinator

My hair hack is to spray Memory Mist on dry hair and flat iron out any kinks in my hair to make it look smooth and bouncy at the same time :)

Nina, Blog Manager

Washing my hair is enough work as it is, so I’m a true lazy girl when it comes to my perking up my post-shower locks. Seriously, all I do is drench my mid-length to ends in Smooth Spray then make two pigtail braids, leaving the ends out. They dry during my hour drive to the office. When I get to my desk, I undo the braids and run my fingers through fab natural-looking waves.

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