Time to rethink your shower routine—Scalp & Body Scrub just dropped today on the site and at Sephora (!). Full of good-for-you ingredients, like probiotics, coconut oil, and sugar plus our fan favorite Melrose Place scent, we know you'll be wanting love from this scrub.

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You know how we make products that let you skip shampooing for a few days? We heard you asking for something for those days you need a deep scrubbing, so we whipped up a softening, sulfate-free solution: Scalp & Body Scrub. Foaming and full of sugar crystals, the smoothing detoxifier is like a trip to rehab for your scalp and skin. How? Sugar unclogs, gently exfoliates, and conditions while increasing microcirculation. At the same time, a potent probiotic blend strengthens your natural biological defenses against bad bacteria while coconut oil (full of fatty acids) nourishes and moisturizes the skin, scalp, and strands. Take it from Jen Atkin and mix your OUAI Shampoo with Scalp & Body Scrub in the shower for a scalp that disses dandruff, and a squeaky-clean mane free of product build-up, gym grease, and dead skin.  

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Use Scalp & Body Scrub as a weekly detox, making sure to massage on damp scalp and skin in circular motions before rinsing. Exit the shower smelling like you own a yacht (thanks to our warm rose fragrance Melrose Place) and enter the no flake-zone your scalp's been dreaming of. Go ahead—buff away the BS and scrub your OUAI to a healthier, hydrated you.

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Ready to rethink your shower routine? Shop Scalp & Body Scrub below! 

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