Here at OUAI we think looking and feeling good should be easy—on the inside and out. Because any day can be a self-care day, it's important to nourish your mind, body, and mane regularly, not just on Sundays (our new Detox Shampoo can help with that). Hence the reason we've rounded up our favorite self care Instagram accounts. Dog memes, fitness influencers, and wellness experts—let these accounts inspire your next self-care day. 

1. @mindbodygreen

Mind Body Green is like a natural lifestyle encyclopedia—the media brand and community is dedicated to health and wellness, covering natural recipes, remedies, and tips on everything from quarantine constipation, meditation practices, hair hacks, and sourdough starter questions. Beyond educational content, Mind Body Green offers thoughtful self-care quotes and tweets worth reposting. 


2. @bark

Take dog pictures and turn them into memes and you’ve got the Bark account. From the makers of Bark Box, a monthly dog treat and toys subscription service, Bark has a meme for every mood of the week, courtesy of the cute things canines do.


3. @sophia.joan.short

23-year-old artist and Tulsa, Oklahoma native Sophia Short started this account as a portfolio while studying marketing in college. Now her relatable quotes are works of art that please the eye and the mind. She presents pithy thoughts in fun, quirky ways like spelled out via letter beads, on the walls of public bathrooms, on airplane windows, and even on popsicles.


4. @bewellbykelly

Holistic nutritionist, author of the Body Love Everyday book, and mom Kelly LeVeque has long been our go-to for delish, easy recipes like cauliflower tabouleh and chicken enchilada soup plus her Fab 4 Smoothie. Kelly’s pictures are always pretty, but never pretentious as she’s not afraid to pull the curtain back and share the unedited parts of her life. When we need a good gastronomic pick-me-up, she’s our girl. 


5. @zoehappyfit 

No gym? No workout equipment? No problem. De-stress and sweat it out at home with fitness influencer Zoe Andersen’s at-home workout routines. Zoe founded a ladies-only boutique fitness studio called The Peach Lab in Dubai but also posts easy-to-follow workout routines on Instagram ranging from low impact cardio to glute isolation using items you can find around the house plus do’s and don’ts of certain workout moves you might be doing wrong. 


6. @jenatkinhair

Our founder Jen Atkin keeps it OUAI real with her IGTV tutorials on cutting your own hair during quarantine, a weekly roundup of things that make her happy, adorable puppy content from her dogs Roo and Chewy, and all the bread-making goals from her husband Mike Rosenthal. Need we say more?


7. @thefemalewarhol

“If you wanna find the right person, be the right person.” This is just one of the many empowering quotes you’ll find on The Female Warhol, an account run by an anonymous female designer who replaces real-life billboard messages with good wisdom and good vibes. On beautiful days and bad days alike, she knows just what to say.


8. @poosh

A guide to living your best life from Kourtney Kardashian? We’re day-one Poosh supporters. On the ever-aesthetically pleasing page, you can expect to learn how to successfully be friends with benefits, find inspiration for your meditation playlist, and sweat it out with at-home exercises you can do while you’re pregnant. 


9. @evachen212

Eva Chen fuels our fashion buys and our wanderlust. The fashion director at Instagram and author of Juno Valentine and Roxy Rex books is also a mom to Tao and Ren. Behind-the-scenes looks inside the biggest fashion industry events, tours of foreign hotel rooms, and beauty product reviews—we're here for it all.


10. @supersoul

Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul is like a hot bath for the mind, body, and soul. If you don’t have the Watch OWN app, you can watch Oprah’s interviews with thought leaders, visionaries, and spiritual teachers right here. Ever wondered how eating just ONE plant-based meal a day could ave the world? Or how to silence negative thoughts? This account has the answers to enlighten and spark curiosity.


11. @thelittlemarket

We love supporting female-owned businesses but we love supporting female-owned businesses that empower global artisans even more. That’s exactly what The Little Market (TLM) aims to accomplish—started by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, The Little Market is a non-profit store that sells fair trade goods in its storefront and online. Home and fashion accessories plus self-care Sunday essentials like bath bombs and candles—TLM purchases look good on your feed and feel better for your conscience. 


12. @thehomeedit

Self care days don’t have to involve sprucing up or organizing, but if yours do, look to The Home Edit for home organization tips and OCD-comforting content. Founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin show the beautiful ‘afters’ of clients projects that can only be summed up in one word: goals. For a step-by-step playbook, grab a copy of their first book The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals and their second recently released book The Home Edit Life, which is a 360-approach to helping embrace the chaos of your life and the contents that come with it AKA knowing that it’s okay to own things. 


13. @hannahbronfman

She’s a DJ, a wellness guru, the author of Do What Feels Good, and the founder of HB Fit, a health and beauty platform. New York-based Hannah Bronfman tries all the trending beauty and fitness regimens so we don’t have to (except we always want to try her suggestions). For ideas on workout routines and places to add to your travel bucket list, Hannah’s page is a must-follow.


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