Frizzy hairs are like the black sheep of your mane—they shamelessly stray from the pack, standing up or curling and creating a fuzzy or irregular texture. These pesky outliers can come down to genetics while other times, they’re a result of damaged hair or humidity. Preventing frizz starts in the shower, but the fight against frizz doesn’t stop there—what you do after can also influence your levels of frizz. Keep reading to find out the different causes of frizz plus the best tips and products to infuse your strands with a little peace and calm this summer including the OUAI No Frizz Fam Bundle, three best friends to fight your number one enemy.   

1. Wash Hair In Lukewarm Water

There are so many hair myths floating around—that the temperature of your shower water affects your hair isn’t one of them. Rinsing with hot water strips your hair of essential oils and raises the hair cuticle, which causes static, frizzy hair and a dehydrated scalp. Here’s what to do instead:

  • Rinse hair with lukewarm water then follow up with a protein-infused conditioner or treatment mask like our restorative Treatment Masque. Hydrolyzed keratin fills in missing keratin naturally found in the hair follicle, helping to reduce frizz and flyaways. Coupled with tamarind seed extract, an amino acid blend, and artichoke leaf extract, OUAI Treatment Masque provides weightless hydration, prevents breakage, and protects your hair color. Follow this guide to get more tips and uses for OUAI Treatment Masque.
  • If you’re brave enough, rinse with cold water. As the healthiest option for your hair, cold water seals moisture and does wonders for your scalp too: it closes the pores and prevents dirt and excessive oil from seeping in.

2. Reduce Friction

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but your bath towel and your hair brush are making you frizzy. Here’s how to fix the situation:

  • True story: aggressively rubbing a towel against damp your hair disrupts the cuticle, which leads to frizz later. Swap out your regular bath towel with a microfiber towel, or even an oversized cotton T-shirt.
  • Invest in a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton, silk allows hair cuticles to smoothly glide across the pillowcase while you sleep rather than get snagged by it. The result: wake up with less frizzy bedhead and a more intact mane.
  • When it’s time to brush your hair, opt for a wide-tooth comb like the OUAI Clear Comb instead of your normal brush. Why? Less bristles mean less friction and less breakage during times you need to brush through thick tangles.

3. Add Hydration

Our hair is most porous when it’s wet/damp, meaning that’s when it’ll absorb the most products. To keep hair frizz-free, add moisture to your hair right after washing it by combing a leave-in treatment evenly throughout. Look for products containing oils and silicons, both key to building a barrier on the hair which prevents moisture in the air from getting under your hair cuticle and causing flyaways. Here are our favorite hydration heroes:

  • OUAI Leave In Conditioner is full of conditioning and detangling ingredients including tamarind seed extract, which adds hydration, panthenol and vitamin E, which condition and detangle hair, and an amino acid blend that fortifies hair and prevents breakage.
  • OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil can be used on damp or dry hair, but one frizzy hair hack that never fails us is applying 1-2 pumps on areas to calm frizz and add a healthy glow. Ingredients hard at work include antioxidant-rich rosehip oil to nourish the hair (and skin) plus absinthium oil and Shea oil, which both revitalize dry, dull hair. 

4. Use Heat Protection

Damaged hair tends to frizz. If you’re loyal to your heat tools, counterbalance the damage by always using protection before firing up the flat iron:

  • To ensure your heat styling doesn’t result in frizz in the long-term, apply OUAI Heat Protection Spray (formerly Memory Mist) on dry hair in sections before using any kind of hot tool. Good for all hair types, OUAI Heat Protection Spray contains thermal polymers that protect hair up to 450ºF. We also included prickly pear extract, a nutrient-rich oil that helps tame frizz and flyaways. 

5. Follow Up with Styling Cream

Leave In Conditioner, check. Heat Protection Spray, check. So many people stop there only to find their hair eventually frizzes up toward the end of the day. The missing step in your routine? A styling creme that has hydration and gives shape to the hair. Our favorite is, of course:

  • OUAI Finishing Crème. This must-have product instantly softens hair and smooths frizz using jojoba oil and hydrolyzed keratin without leaving a greasy residue. Plus it adds the finishing touch to waves and curls by creating piecey texture. Use it on flyaways, dry ends, and anywhere that looks dry or frizzy before leaving the house or mid-way through the day for a touch-up. Read this guide for three ways to use OUAI Finishing Crème.

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