OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter

What do you get when a girl ditches her full-time job to redefine society’s beauty standards through hustle and digital media? A budding SHE-E-O and our latest OUAI crush, Nitsan Raiter, a Toronto-living entrepreneur whose business school project blossomed into a blog slash social media strategy consulting company she so appropriately named Beauty Rewritten. Though Nitsan's feed (hair goals and flat lays for days) is what hooked us, it's her work ethic that continues to wow us. In our interview with the sun-kissed blonde, Nitsan talks creating opportunities for yourself, her favorite photo editing apps, and packing essentials for the international flyer. Scroll ahead now to familiarize yourself with one female we're sure you'll be seeing everywhere in the near future.

Neighborhood: Toronto [to-ron-to], noun; largest city in Canada also commonly referred to as TDot, T.O., or the 6 (mostly by Drake who is guaranteed to be played at every club, bar, and street corner).

Job Title: Blogger, social media consultant, a little bit of everything ☺

3 things you can’t live without right now:

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Glossier Generation G in Like + Birthday Balm Dotcom on top 
  3. Portable phone charger (#NYFWsurvivalguide)

You have your own blog, Beauty Rewritten. How did you get started with this? How is it different from other beauty and style blogs out there?
Beauty Rewritten actually started as a term project in business school. We had to develop our own platform, build our own website and share our thoughts on a subject that we were passionate about. My prof mentioned that it was up to us to rewrite our reality and stand up for what we believed in – and in that moment Beauty Rewritten was born. Sounds cheesy, but the name automatically came to me.

Beauty Rewritten is all about redefining society’s beauty standards. I wanted to empower women to feel good about themselves – at the time through makeup (was super into becoming a makeup artist, lol) – and I was learning to do so myself in the process. I had never put myself out there on a public platform before, and it was me just doing me. Over time, it developed into my style + beauty + lifestyle outlet, sharing my outfits, beauty faves, blogging about topics that were close to my heart, such as self-love and a healthy body image, getting inspired, sharing inspiration, and ultimately rewriting my version of beauty today.

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter OUAI Haircare OUAI Finishing CremeYou just left your full time job to explore Beauty Rewritten full time. What convinced you to make the leap?
I really believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes something feels right and you just need to trust your instincts. My career so far has been extremely rewarding, but it’s totally different doing something on the side when you have time, vs. giving it your all to make it work. It’s crazy what can happen when you really believe in yourself and dedicate your time to something you are truly passionate about.

Through building Beauty Rewritten, I’ve been so fortunate to work with some incredible brands and have been offered opportunities that I could only dream of when starting out. I knew I would only take them on if I could give them my all. NYFW, for example, was a dream come true for me. Something I had always promised myself I would do. I was so lucky to get to take over Australia’s fashion powerhouse, Sabo Skirt, for their NYFW show and launch of their all-new line, go backstage, report live—I kept pinching myself. This is all stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to experience if I didn’t give myself a chance to. I have always been so fascinated by she-e-o’s and women in business. I wanted to give myself a fair chance at becoming one ;)

What do you think is the key to a successful social account both for a personal account and for business?
I think it all comes down to a quote I heard by Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine – “Don’t try to be something for everyone; be everything for someone.” Stay true to yourself, keep it authentic, and share your personality. That’s one of the main reasons why I also decided to start a YouTube channel recently. Be more than “that girl” on Instagram. Talk about real things, get to know your followers, engage back, and build a community.

OUAI Crush Nitsan RaiterAdvice you have to young girls who want a career in the beauty industry? 
Just start. Create a platform, reach out to people who inspire you, ask questions, do your research, build a name for yourself step by step. Also, never compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Forget about everyone else and what people are saying. Do one thing a day that gets you closer to where you want to be. As long as you’re doing that and working towards becoming a better, more successful version of yourself everyday, you’re doing something right.

You take such beautiful photos and videos, what apps do you use to edit?
Thank you!! Shout out to my boyfriend, best friends and younger brother who I put to work ;). VSCO cam is my OG. I find a good mix of my fav filter, contrast, brightness, grainy-ness (it’s a thing) and play with it until I’m happy with how it flows on my feed. I have a thing for cohesive Instagram feeds, it’s so important for branding. I also love Snapseed (adjusting specific areas of the photo), Mextures (old school effects) and Facetune (bringing out details, smoothing creases on clothes, you know the drill).

OUAI Crush Nitsan RaiterFavorite OUAI Product?
It’s a tie between the Hair Oil and Finishing Crème. My hair can get crazy frizzy at times so this combo tames my mane. Also, they low-key double up as perfume when I travel. Never leave these guys at home.

Any hair tips and tricks?
I keep it really simple with everyday beach waves. My trick is to only wrap each inch-section of my hair around the curling iron once – not from root to end. I start at eye-level and slowly slide the curling iron down the strand of hair, leaving the last inch or so untouched and straight. This creates an effortless look, keeping the curls vertical and lived-in.

OUAI Crush Nitsan Raiter You have a friend in town for 24 hours, where do you tell them to go?
Brunch is 100% on the itinerary. We’ll probably head to Wish (Nutella French Toast FTW) or Gusto 101 (known for their kale salad and portobello pasta – but their brunch is one of the best in the city as well). I love walking around Queen Street West – but the super west where all the cute little shops are. Realistically we’d grab a scoop (or five) of Sweet Olenka’s home-made birthday cake ice cream on the way. At night, and given that it’s summer time, I love heading out to a drive-in movie. We’d pick up some Bulk Barn snacks on the way, load up with pillows and blankets, reverse the car in, recline the seats, and done. I’d like to think I’m a drive-in pro. And of course, reading this back, my itinerary revolves around food ;)

You travel quite a bit, where is your favorite place to visit and what should we pack?
Going back home to Israel is my absolute favorite. The weather, the food, the beach, my family – it has my heart. Also fun fact: Israeli breakfasts are on another level. They’re pretty much 99% of my diet while I’m there, no matter the time of day. There’s always something to do, crazy parties in the summer, history to rediscover, food to eat, people to meet. Totally unintentional rhyme, but I’m into it. Pack a bathing suit, OUAI Finishing Crème, room in your tummy and my fav DHC Revitalizing Moisture Under-Eye Strips for the 12 journey over. It can get rough.


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