#MYOUAI is Here-Get a Custom Prescription

There's a new OUAI to care for your hair and it's finally arrived. Meet #MyOuai, prescription haircare designed to treat your individual needs. The fact is, you contain multitudes and so does your hair, but a typical daily care regimen is designed to address only one concern (maybe volume or dryness) at a time. What if your hair is oily at the root but dry on the ends? Now there's a solution, designed just for you. Here's how it works. You take our digital consult, answering a few questions about your hair and boom - you receive a custom hair-prescription that outlines the exact products your hair needs for maximum amazing-ness.





We like to think of it as our official crusade against bad hair days. The questions - developed by haircare experts - are designed to extract the specific information about you and your hair that we need in order to choose the right products for. Afterwards, you can choose to receive your recommended products on a schedule or just the once.

Don’t think you need our help? Try it anyway - you might be surprised at what you find (for example, did you know oily hair needs oil?) and then share the link with everyone you know. Good hair should be shared, right? We think so.