P.S. Mother's Day is this Sunday and the whole flowers and card thing is just not cutting it anymore. That's why we asked a few girl bosses what they're gifting their moms this year (and because honestly, we needed some ideas for ourselves). Ditch played out presents for one of these inspired items we think the queen of the fam will adore, ahead.


Alyssa Wasko, Founder of Donni 

I bought her a vintage Hermes photo book from the real real. I filled it with pictures over the years of the two of us. It’s the perfect combination of sentimental and beautiful. The album itself is made of leather and is something that can be displayed on her nightstand or desk. What’s inside are our favorite memories together, and just for us. It’s special because it holds our most cherished moments and it’s cool because it’s vintage and you would never be able to find another! 



Taylor Frankel, Co-founder of Nudestix

This Mother’s Day I’ve gifted my mom the GHD Curve 1" Classic Curl Iron! I purchased mine at Sephora. My mom never leaves the house without curling her hair. As a typical daughter would, I tend to hog the one we used to share. Now that I’ve moved out, I’ve definitely taken more ownership of it. So naturally, I thought it would make a great gift - practical and thoughtful ;)

Mothers Day gift ideas mothers day present hello fresh

Allison McNamara, Founder of Mara Beauty

This year for Mother’s Day I’m sending my mom some HelloFresh! She recently moved away from LA to Utah and she loves cooking at home. I gave her Blue Apron one year and it was a total hit so I’m excited for her to try HelloFresh, which is one of my favorite meal delivery services because they provide fresh healthy food and have great recipes. Who doesn’t like to be gifted food haha? Plus, a meal is always a bit more gratifying when you’re the one cooking it. I also love how it introduces you to new ingredients and recipes that you might not already use in your repertoire–it really helped me think outside of the box instead of cooking the same lettuce cup tacos I used to swear by. 


Candice Valencia, Founder of Evocative LA Fashion + Lifestyle PR

This year mom's getting an uber-chic rattan hat box by Freya! You can purchase it exclusively on their website thefreyabrand.com. Mom is a bit of a collector aka holds on to a few too MANY things so this is a chic way for her to store a bunch of her hats. Plus I’m planning on taking her to Ojai this summer (HELLO Ojai Valley Inn!) so this is a great way for her to travel with her hats, which I’m sure will be quite a few knowing her! Rattan and basket woven pieces are definitely having a moment so it’s nice to be able to pick something that’s very current yet classic at the same time. 


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