Beach don’t kill our vibe, the best thing since Postmates just washed up on shore—Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray, our new sun-activated hair lightener for brighter, lighter summer highlights that say, “Beach please, I was born with these.” All-over lightening, sun-kissed ends, ombré—you name the hue, Sun of a Beach will get you there, boo. Even brunettes and redheads can use it to get a glossy copper color or strawberry blonde hue. Gasp. *Calls colorist and dumps them*    

Here’s how it works: A special trio of tropical ingredients that smell like OUAI N°6—a blend of Fijian coconut and pineapple—revitalize existing highlights or add lightness all over in just a few minutes under the sun. Count on Coconut Water to nourish and hydrate hair while a Lemon-Pineapple Juice blend gradually lightens strands.

Get seriously en-lightened in more ways than one. To get ombré locks, divide hair into sections and spray Sun of a Beach evenly onto hair from mid-lengths to ends then comb through. Bask in direct sunlight to activate, and repeat this once a day at most (daily) until your surfer strands reach high tide. For sun-kissed highlights, spray Sun of a Beach on clean towel-dried hair and comb through before exposing hair to direct sunlight. Repeat that daily if your goal is extra-lit highlights. Looking to add lightness all over? Spritz Sun of a Beach onto clean, damp hair from roots to ends, comb through and let the sun caress your tresses until a glowy copper shade appears. For added conditioning and shine, use Leave In Conditioner or a Treatment Masque after your next wash.

A nourishing sun-activated spray that begets beachy highlights without the beach? Cop a bottle of Sun of a Beach and consider your summer hair wish list complete. 

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Got questions? Read our Sun of a Beach FAQ