If Kim Kardashian's latest lob style is a nod to Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface then we're here for it. And if she's channeling sexy soccer mom, we're here for that too. Though Kim's stylist, Justine Marjan, incorporated the 90's rolled-under ends, Kim's overall mane didn't stray too far from her signature straight, no-hair-out-of-place state. Girls looking to leave behind the all-over sleek look for a day: do it the KKW, curvy way via a round brush. For help getting Kim's shiny lob with a twist, take a peek at Justine's step-by-step ahead.

  1. Prep damp hair with TRESemme Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray and OUAI Hair Oil
  2. Blowdry smooth with the GHD Air Hair Dryer and a ceramic round brush, drying the ends under
  3. Flat iron the roots with the GHD Gold Styler, taking thin horizontal sections and spraying a Mason Pearson Brush with TRESemme Compressed Extend Hairspray as you’re working
  4. Pin down the front hair with Kitsch Creaseless Clips
  5. Spray a toothbrush with hairspray to detail and tamp down flyways around the face
  6. Run a dime-sized amount of Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel Styling Cream over the crown for shine 

 Shop Kim's curved lob below 

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