If you watched season 12 of America's Next Top Model then you remember the moment when Tyra Banks forced one of the models to chop off her hair into a pixie. Tears ensued, but today, that girl, Fo Porter, is proud to flaunt her natural curls. In fact, the moment she started embracing her natural texture, Fo (short for Felicia) snagged a deal with MiLK Management London. Ahead, the wife and model breaks down her favorite curl concoctions, the life-changing hair dryer for curls, the best curly hair advice she's ever received, and more.  

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How would you describe your natural hair texture?

I would say my hair is billowy curls that don’t lift from the root as much as they cascade from the root instead! They have sheen and bounce, but they’re definitely prone to frizz! *Eye roll*

Did you ever have an “aha moment” or story about embracing your curls full speed ahead?

Whelp, oddly enough I had absolutely NO CLUE I possessed this much curl and kickass hair until about a little over a year ago!! Some might remember me from America’s Next Top Model cycle 12! Yes, I was in fact the one girl that season who cried when Tyra chopped my locks off and gave me that 90’s Halle Berry pixie! I made it to top five and I guess you could say Mama Ty has a true eye for these things because I had huge success in the modeling industry (would like to think I still do) for about eight years after the show ended WITH my pixie! When I finally grew my hair out for my wedding back in 2016, I would let it do its thing and BOOM!!

One day after my wedding, an amazing hairstylist by the name of Ramsell, convinced me not to cut it back to pixie but instead to cut some fringe bangs and let the natural curls flourish!! No joke, two months later I was signed by my London agency because of this hair! EVERYONE LOVES AND WANTS THE CURLS NOW! It's an awesome slap in the face what embracing your naturalness can do for you!! ;) 

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What does your signature hairstyle look like?

If I’m not working I usually put it up in to a big messy bun of curls with my baby hair poppin’. If it’s a shoot day, I always do my hair before EVERY job. No offense to any hair stylist, but I just never know who I’m working with or if they know how to work with curls! Yes, I have to add an extra hour plus to my mornings but it makes my stomach turn when I see a stylist going for their curling iron. So I like to come in with it fully done. That way it’s less stress for me and less work for them. It’s a win win when you think about it!

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Break down your everyday curl routine for us.

  • Shampoo: If it’s a wash day (I only wash once a week) I usually go with: Low-Poo Delight by DevaCurl or my absolute favorite Saphira Divine Shampoo
  • Conditioner: I love to use Saphira Divine Conditioner (my favorite) or DevaCurl One Condition Delight. I use conditioner every single time I wet my hair, which is almost every time I shower. My hair doesn't hold up overnight, it will get super tangled and loose shape/structure when I sleep on it, so I just have to re-zhush the curls when I want to rock them!
  • Leave in conditioner: (the labor intensive part) While I’m still in the shower and my hair is sopping wet, I flip my head over so my curls are away from the base of my head, create sections and add B'Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper by DevaCurl from root to tip then I scrunch to start forming/ shaping the curls
  • Setting Gel (also labor intensive): Just like I do with my leave in conditioner, I do the exact same with a setting gel! My hands down favorite setting gel to literally lock in my curls without having stiff and crunchy curls is the Ultra Defining Gel by DevaCurl. I make sure my hair is wet still and apply it over the B'Leave-In
  • Absorb some of the excess moisture from gel then set curls with a micro fiber towel being gentle and making sure not to damage set curls
  • Air dry or diffuser: I will air dry if I have nothing going on that day. If I do need my curls to have great volume and dry quickly, I will use my ULTIMATE favorite hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer! It was a true commitment to bite the bullet and purchase the infamous hair dryer, but since I do dry and use a hair dryer/diffuser so much, it’s 100% worth it and does WONDERS for my curls! When I blow dry, my head is always flipped over so all the curls are not laying on my head but falling away from the base to add the most volume possible! I tilt my head to the left for five minutes, to the center for five, then right! I do this rotation for about twenty minutes. I make sure my curls are fully dried, I scrunch then shake out my hair from the root, adding even more volume and boom, I’m ready to go!

 What’s your favorite curl:

  • Shampoo: DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight is super light and doesn't strip my curls! Saphira Divine Shampoo contains that richness and nutrients my hair needs at times. I like to change up my shampoos from time to time
  • DevaCurl One Condition Delight does it all! Doesn't weigh my hair down and keeps my curls soft and locked in!
  • OUAI Treatment Mask: It truly puts all the good stuff back into my curls without weighing them down, AND my hair feels SO SOFT and super shiny after

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Who cuts and colors your curls?

My curl guru is the one and only Shai Amiel aka “The Curl Doctor." Located at Capella Salon in Studio City, LA, CA! This man has single-handedly changed my hair on so many levels!! Also, I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 10 years.

What’s the best curl or hair advice you’ve ever received, and from who?

“Always make sure when you blow dry, your hair is away from the roots/ scalp for max volume!”—Shai Amiel 

What’s your secret to getting the perfect air-dried curls?

Not doing a damn thing to my hair and letting it go as wild as it wants to!!

Do you use a special towel to dry hair?

I used the DevaCurl Microfiber Towel, it helps keep the frizz down! You can get it at Sephora or Ulta.

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Do you have a favorite diffuser?

YES!! The green DevaCurl DevaFuser works but my go-to is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and the diffuser that comes with it.

Is there a pricey curl product that you think is worth every penny?

For me it’s my Dyson dryer! It literally morphs my curls into silk ribbons with ZERO frizz and dries my entire head in under 30 minutes. Compared to regular dryers that take about an hour or more to fully dry with a ton of frizz.

What's the secret sauce for making your curly bangs look so fly?

making sure I always have a good trim on my bangs and using B'Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper and Ultra Defining Gel By DevaCurl. It just holds the curls so magically when they work together. It’s like curl magic, I tell you!!

Who are your favorite curly accounts to follow on Instagram? 

@hif3licia, @jaymejo_, @ashley_moore_, @janayediggs, @lcj271, @tashimrod  

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