Put down the heat tools and take notes: our CEO Jen Atkin is breaking down the recipes to the perfect air dry for all hair types, textures, and lengths. Once you use her hack, you'll never go back—promise. Keep reading for Jen's insider tips and tricks to making the most out of your wash and wear hairstyles.

What’s your personal favorite heatless hair hack for the perfect summer air dry?

Scrunching OUAI Air Dry Foam into damp hair and letting it air dry. It gives you the perfect wave, and is an easy and refreshing way to style your hair in the summer months. 

For each hair length/type, what's one heatless hair hack or air drying tip that produces the perfect air dry?

Pixies: Less is more, so spritzing some OUAI Wave Spray and letting it do it’s thing is best on most pixie cuts. For some moisture, the OUAI Finishing Crème is like lotion for your hair so applying a dime size all over helps tame any flyaways. 

Short Hair: Spray hair with Wave Spray and scrunch pieces like an accordion, release and continue throughout the head. Let it air dry and it’ll give you the prettiest waves.

Medium Length Hair: One of my favorite tricks for styling hair is ‘the clip trick.’ This is an easy no-fuss way to get incredible natural looking waves. Spray damp hair generously with Wave Spray, then use duckbill clips to create a dent in the hair, pushing the hair up at the root, then clipping into place, pushing the hair up underneath it, and clipping into place until the entire head has been clipped and the hair is in an S-pattern. Let air dry or blow-dry over then remove the clips, scrunch and you’ve got beach waves!

Long Hair: Sleeping in braids overnight to achieve the perfect waves in the morning! Apply some Wave Spray and a dab of Finishing Crème throughout and create two braids; one sleep, wake up and take them out. 

Fine Hair: The Air Dry Foam is great for girls with fine hair because it’s a light product that will give you those air dried waves you’ve been dying for. 

Straight Hair: If you want a wavy look created overnight, I would suggest sleeping in braids and prepping hair with Air Dry Foam. Or for a sleek look, use OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil throughout and snatch into a pony- the oil will provide shine and is also a UV protectant for those summer months. 

Wavy Hair: For extra volume, use silver pin clips at the roots by pinching small pieces and clipping them vertically. It will give you added volume at the roots when taken out. 

Curly Hair: Saturation is everything for my curly girls! Always make sure your hair is very saturated with water, like you should hear the scrunch; this is a MAJOR curly hair hack since it reduces the frizz significantly when air drying. Use the OUAI Curl Jelly with a touch of the OUAI Treatment Masque and scrunch into the hair. 

Coarse Hair: Using a treatment mask as a base before applying product is a great trick! The moisture from the mask will help mend waves/curls together and also preps for product like Curl Jelly for definition.

What are 3 chic heatless hair ideas I should try this summer? 

  1. Headbands: Throw your hair up into a messy bun and wear a colorful headband, leaving some wispy pieces out.
  2. Scrunchies: Low pony or half-up, half-down vibes are always cute with scrunchies and can pull any look together. 
  3. Sleek ponytail/bun: This always looks so chic year round. Use OUAI Hair Oil and the roots to slick your hair back using a barbers brush or Mason Pearson brush for a shiny, snatched pony or bun. The Hair Oil is also restorative so it’s a win-win. 

Should I use cold or hot water while washing in the shower if I plan on wearing a wash and wear hairstyle? Or does it not matter? 

Lukewarm water is OK and cool water is best (if you can bear it) since it seals the cuticle of the hair and adds shine. You want to make sure you’re not washing your hair with water at high temperatures. The hot water causes dryness, which is why many girls complain about dryness at the middle of their head since that’s where water most frequently hits in the shower. 

Is there any kind of prep I should do in the shower that will get me a better air dry later? 

A shampoo and conditioner for your natural hair type. I love the OUAI Curl Shampoo or Repair Shampoo, and Curl Conditioner and Repair Conditioner since they add lots of moisture for frizz-free air drying. Also, training your hair in the shower by scrunching while the conditioner is in provides a great foundation for air drying.

Are there any myths about air drying that I should stop following? 

Using TONS of products to air dry! It’s a myth. Sometimes less is more and you don’t need to use a ton of different types of products to achieve the perfect air dry hair - just own it! Plus, nobody has time for all of that. 


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