A balmy summer day would do wonders for your tan, but quite the opposite for your mane. Let a tress troublemaker like humidity do its thing, and poof, your hair will turn into a frizzy, sticky mess. Before we explain how to show humidity who’s boss, let’s first take a trip back to the third grade: Humidity is the amount of water vapor, or moisture, in the air. We can’t see humidity, but our hair can feel it. Humidity messes things up for beach waves and sleek hair and every hairstyle in between because it breaks the hydrogen bonds and causes hair to swell. As the hair dries in its new shape, the hair becomes wavy or frizzy. Here we’re sharing the best products (like the OUAI No Frizz Fam Bundle) and tips to prevent humidity from wreaking havoc on your hair.  

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1. Wash with Shampoos Containing Glycerin 

Hard to pronounce and even harder on humidity, glycerin is a substance used to preserve moisture. In other words, glycerin absorbs the extra moisture in the air, AKA humidity, to create a protective coating over your hair strands. To prevent frizz far ahead of time, wash with one of our OUAI FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners, all of which contain glycerin (and smell like heavenly Mercer Street, a fruity fragrance smelling of orange, peony, magnolia, jasmine and musk).

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2. Lock Out Humidity with OUAI Hair Oil

Hair oils are another way to lock out humidity. For best results, use a multitasking one like OUAI Hair Oil, which smoothes frizz and seals split ends. Work 1-3 drops through wet hair and let it air dry, or if you sense your strands frizzing up, apply some to your fingers and run them through dry hair. OUAI Hair Oil keeps hair strong and protects it against humidity thanks to a combo of ama oil, sunflower seed oil, and amaranth seed extract. It’s also packed with quickly-absorbing baobab seed oil to calm frizz and reduce dryness. As if that’s not enough to hamper humidity, OUAI Hair Oil also contains African galanga root extract, a powerful ingredient that protects hair color fading due to UV exposure. In the process of evading frizz, you’ll smell like swoon-worthy Rue St Honoré, a floral fragrance made with notes of violet, gardenia, ylang ylang, and white musk. 

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3. Choose Frizz-Fighting Styling Products

The kind of styling products you use can make or break the barrier between humidity and your hairstyle. That's why we launched the OUAI No Frizz Fam Bundle, a trio of humidity heroes that breathe life back into your hair, including OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray, OUAI Hair Oil, and OUAI Finishing Crème.

For girls with curly or wavy hair whose baby hairs misbehave at the sight of humidity, we feel your pain. And we got you. The trick is to use a styling product with ingredients that prevent frizz while styling. Highly qualified to curb humidity-induced frizz is OUAI Air Dry Foam, a revolutionary wash-and-wear that encourages natural wave patterns and creates consistent, frizz-free, and defined waves. Packed with a kale protein blend, OUAI Air Dry Foam promotes hydration to keep hair frizz-free and soft, never crunchy or gross. Massage OUAI Air Dry Foam into damp hair, scrunch, and go--your waves will be protected from humidity plus they’ll give off hints of North Bondi, a floral fragrance containing notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, and rose de mai. 

Shop the OUAI No Frizz Fam Bundle and more humidity heroes below

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