We surveyed, we sampled, we spiraled (a bit) to give you the Curl Crème of your dreams. After a year of working with our curly community, we’re excited to bring you a do-it-all styling cream designed (and tested) for all curl types to form, shape, and define curls while maintaining your hair’s natural texture. For soft, fluffy curls, read on below for tips on making Curl Crème, Detox Shampoo and our Treatment Masques part of any curl styling routine, from wash and go’s to twist-outs.

Start with a Clean Slate Using ACV-Infused Detox Shampoo

Come wash day, your curls crave a non-stripping shampoo that deeply cleanses without stripping. That’s where you’ll enjoy OUAI Detox Shampoo. This silicone-free concentrated apple cider vinegar shampoo lifts away oil, dirt, and product build-up from hair and scalp to reveal healthy, bouncy curls.

Scented in our signature Melrose Place Fragrance, Detox Shampoo removes buildup from hard water deposits using chelating agents and strengthens with hydrolyzed keratin, leaving curls feeling refreshed and super clean.


For a Boost of Moisture, Follow with Treatment Masque

If your curls could use some added moisture, quench their thirst with our new Treatment Masques. We made one specifically Fine to Medium hair types and one for Thick hair types to help give your strands just the right amount of moisture. Both will restore and retain hydration for dry, damaged hair while strengthening and smoothing.

How to get the most out of masking:
  1. After cleansing, rinse hair with warm water

  2. Apply OUAI Fine to Medium Treatment Masque or OUAI Thick Treatment Masque to your curls evenly

  3. Comb the mask through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb

  4. Chill out for five minutes

  5. Rinse with cool water (this helps to seal your hair’s cuticles and add shine)

Soft Serve Your Curls with Curl Crème

We heard you wanted a curl product that’s easy to use, has enough moisture, and defines curls but isn’t heavy. Also on your wishlist: Something that keeps your curls soft and tames frizz, but will cut your styling time. Enter: OUAI Curl Crème.

Whether you have “loose curls that have a mind of their own” or “tight coils that can never get enough hydration,” this silicone-free formula contains enough moisture and definition to soft-serve everyone’s curls—from wavy to coily and fine to thick.

Think frizz-fighting chia and linseed oils, hydrating coconut oil, and softening babassu oil. This curl-enhancing blend always brings the bounce, never leaving curls crunchy, sticky, or weighed down.

Plus, you can cocktail Curl Crème with your favorite curl products, because we made a fragranced option, North Bondi, and a fragrance-free version (our first-ever unscented product!).


Our favorite way to use Curl Crème on wet hair:

  1. To prevent breakage, section and detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb (stay away from bristle brushes because they can disrupt your curl pattern)

  2. Start with a dime-size amount of Curl Crème and evenly distribute it with your fingers (it’s super creamy and melts into your curls like an oil)

  3. Comb through each section using your fingers to ensure Curl Crème blesses each and every curve

  4. Let your hair dry, then say hello to your softest curls ever

  5. If you plan on heat styling later and want heat protection, pair Curl Crème with OUAI Leave In Conditioner, our multitasking detangler and leave-in that provides thermal heat protection and weightless hydration

Our favorite way to use Curl Crème on dry hair:
  1. A little bit of Curl Crème goes a long OUAI in refreshing day-two or day-three curls.
  2. On dry hair, apply Curl Crème sparingly and directly to your curls to help define and smooth frizz and flyaways.

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