The textured waves look has a reputation for being effortless, and the final result is. But the prep can be anything but effortless if you're using a crunch-inducing salt spray or too heavy of a hairspray. When scrolling the 'gram, we spotted the perfect balance between volume, sheen, and texture in this hairstyle created by Dylan Michael. Follow the Australia-based stylist's breakdown to the wet-looking textured waves here. 

  1. Use the H2D Black X3 Professional Curling Wand to create waves throughout the hair
  2. Apply OUAI Wave Spray liberally, focusing on roots and mid-lengths
  3. Massage in White Sands Smudge Texture Cream on the roots for extra texture 
  4. Rub a dab of OUAI Matte Pomade between hands then apply it to the mid-lengths and ends to get that piecey look
  5. Finish with a blast of OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray all over

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