First order of business before summer officially hits: Highlight your hair like you do your cheekbones with our new sun-activated hair lightener Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray, now available on and! Press play on the tutorial, above, to get sun-kissed highlights in a cinch with the tropical-smelling formula.

OUAI Sun of a Beach

  1. Starting on clean, towel-dried hair—twist hair into 1/4 sections and spray Sun of a Beach
  2. Wash hands after application
  3. Soak up the sun
  4. Divide hair and clip into a topknot
  5. Lightly mist from mid-shaft to ends
  6. Comb product through evenly 
  7. Soak up the sun and done! 

Shop Sun of a Beach, below!

Get Jane Birkin's sun-streaked highlights from La Piscine with this step-by-step