Among all the ways to maintain the integrity of your curls—detangling, using a micro-fiber towel, combing with the right tools—masking may be the most important. Because without moisture, curls can't thrive. But with our hydrating hero Treatment Masque, natural curls can weather any rise or drop in temperature, cat nap-induced bedhead or sweaty work out. Press play on the video below to see how our artichoke leaf extract-infused hair mask can refresh naturally curly hair and prolong curl definition in just five minutes. 

  1. Start with damp hair
  2. Use a dime-sized amount of OUAI Treatment Masque for fine hair, a nickel-sized amount for medium hair or a quarter-sized amount for thick hair
  3. Smooth evenly throughout your curls, starting at the ends and working your way up
  4. Comb through curls with one of these combs
  5. Air dry or blow dry hair using a diffuser, depending on your preference
  6. Refresh curls with OUAI Leave In Conditioner

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